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Do celebrities deserve any privacy? Nowadays, people in any part of the world are now able to know what is happening everywhere through the media. In nearly all kinds of media, a great deal of attention is paid to the personal lives of celebrities that are much admired or are usually the center of attraction for the general public. It seems that the public have an endless hunger for this kind of news. However, there should be laws established to protect famous people from being constantly hounded by photographers and reporters. Everyone around the world has the right to live their lives in the way they want to and to be respected for this. It means that celebrities should be allowed to keep their privacy for some reasons.
The first reason why we should respect celebrities’ private lives is the safety. Many harmful things have happened to celebrities as a consequence of being followed by the media. Paparazzi wait outside their ...view middle of the document...

It is their right that they should not have to have photographs and videos taken of them until they are old enough to decide for themselves whether or not they want that. Their private life should be protected from reporting about things like personal issues, family issues and crises, and their property. It can cause shame for them. For instance, at school or university, they can be the object of reproach because of mention of their names in magazines or on TV shows that focused on their parents' behavior. Nevertheless, we should not overlook the fact that to be born a child of celebrities is not a choice. Under these circumstances, there should be law about celebrities' privacy.
Yet another point for this side is that celebrities including athletes, actors and singers are role models to thousands of people all over the world. When the media publishes numerous photographs of celebrities when they drink or do something bad or embarrassing, it disappoints fans and cause despair. In other words, some people choose role model for themselves and though, they want to live like them, and these people seem irreproachable, and out of reach. When they see their role models' disgraceful photographs, or shameful news about them, they become disappointed, and realize that no one is perfect, and thus fans lose their purpose in life. As you can see, this can cause a major problem in the society.
Some people unfairly can claim that celebrities choose this lifestyle by themselves. However it is also true that if you are talented at modeling, sport, singing, or acting it is natural to want to benefit from that talent. It is reasonable to choose a career where that talent can be recognized, rewarded and displayed. On their part they didn't ask to become famous because that is their talent. They are only doing what they want.
In summary, there are many evidences that proves celebrities should have a right to keep their privacy. If we continue to overlook this issue, the safety of celebrities' can stay under the danger. At the same time, we damage the social lives of their children, and make other hopeless. “Privacy - like eating and breathing - is one of life's basic requirements” (Katherine Neville).

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