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Anaeli VillarrealMr. C. RichardsonENGL 130114 July, 2014The Star Book"Aliya darling can you cut the bread for when your father arrives for lunch?" her mother suggested politely. She was in her bed room playing with her dolls and coloring on her notebook her father gave her last week. Aliya was six years old and the only child. Her mother was a Jew house wife and her father was a worker at a machinery factory. Suddenly, the door had opened it was Nathanial arriving from work in the factory. Aliya was so pleased to have him home she sprinted across the hall and stomp hard on the stairs to go and hug him. "Daddy I cut the bread for our lunch today." "Well done my little one," he responded with a delighted smile.While sitting around the table, all of them held hands and started the prayer for the meal as usual. When they finished they heard a knock on the door that seem as if there was an enormous emergency occurring. "Stay here Aliya and Reathna," he spoke calmly. Nathanial walked fast towards the door and opened it. It was the Slovakian police officers letting him know he was a Jew and had only eighteen hours to get everything he could and get on one of the train carts to Poland. "What's going on sir?" he answered politely. "No time to explain men you must immediately pack your bags and take whatever is needed," he responded loud and clear. Nathanial was in shock at first did not know what was happening until it dawn on him that his manager had told him today and many other Jews, that they were fired and was the end. "Is this the end father?" Aliya announced to him in tears. "Of course not honey all they are doing is remolding the house for us," he replied with an embarrassment on his conscious.They did not have much time left so they got whatever was necessary and packed tightly on the bags. In no less than twelve hours all the house was emptier than a cup of water. The windows were covered, the walls looked darker and scarier, even the garden lost its color because a cloud was covering the sunlight. It was time to start a journey that contained horror and tears of blood in a path that it is difficult to come out of life. "Mother where are we heading to?""I'm not sure dear if this place will be like our other home, but one thing is certain that you will meet a lot of children your age and religion as well," she said with a smile and her eyes watering."We had arrived at our destination", it was ten o'clock at night and, we were waiting for our train to arrive at the station. I was sitting down writing on my notebook when I looked up and my parents were gone, leaving no sign of where they went, but soon an officer came and saw me near the ticket booth."Excuse me have you seen my parents?" Aliya asked with a timid face. "How old are you little girl?" he asked straight up with a demanding posture."I am six years old sir." Quickly he spotted the star on my shoulder and grab me by the arm."There is no time for questions come with me!" he took Aliya to a...

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