Celebrity Endoresment In India Essay

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Table of contents

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1 Introduction to the topic 6

2 Relationship between a Celebrity & a Brand 10

3 Is celebrity advertising effective? 16

4 Literature review 23

5 The argument for Celebrity Endorsement 34

6 The argument against Celebrity Endorsement 37

7 Brand, Celebrities & Consumer 40

8 Measuring a Celebrity Endorsement 53

9 Research Objective and Methodology 59

10 Survey results 61

11 Findings 71

12 Summary and managerial implications 76

13 Conclusion 73

14 Appendix 1 & 2 80


The project is to study and analyze the impact of celebrity endorsement on a common consumer. It is a sincere effort to understand the consumer perception for celebrity endorsement, to learn and understand its effectiveness and to know the benefits and drawbacks associated with celebrity endorsement. This project report suggests how a celebrity can help a consumer in identification of a product. It also includes details about the consumer's views about the use of celebrities in brand promotion by an organization. A survey was conducted to know the consumer's perception and their thinking about the celebrity endorsements. A questionnaire has been drafted for the same, to understand the psyche of the cell phone customers to know their needs, expectations and their attitude toward a cell phone brand ambassador. On the basis of analysis of the result collected from the survey, we have drawn certain conclusions, which are clearly mentioned in detail in the later part of this project report. In a nutshell, this project report will act as a useful tool for any management in selecting a suitable celebrity to endorse their product, according to the consumer's likings.



It is a known fact that the best endorsements achieve an eclectic balance between the product (brand) and the celebrity. Giving a brand a 'face' is more than just a marketing strategy to increase sales or gain market share, it is a decision that can change the future of the brand forever.

Choice of the celebrity, hence, is of utmost importance and is usually done based on many different parameters - appeal, looks, popularity or even just a fantasy figure to endorse a brand.

In today's highly competitive markets, big brands are at logger-heads when it comes to products, each having a similar product to that of a rival. Where does one brand gain that quintessential advantage - advertising, service, promise of trust, or even the all important price factors? Advertising seems to be the best platform where brands prefer to compete on - right from hiring the best advertising agencies to getting the biggest celebrities. What would be the formula to success then? Well, a good...

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