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Celebrity Role Models Essay

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Looking at television and magazines today, it seems that the majority of news is focused on celebrities and their appearances and lifestyles. Covers of tabloids are wrought with photos of celebrity cellulite or celebrities displaying bad habits to the public. They are often criticized by the media for any bad traits or behavior they may display, as if they will inevitably influence the men, women, and youth who dote on them. But instead, we choose to view celebrity lifestyles as an unobtainable goal. As Daniel Harris states in Celebrity Bodies “The dreamer imagines an existence as unlike his own as possible and is content to admire this world from afar...” (428). But celebrities aren’t just admired from afar, they are criticized for being too thin, too fat, health-obsessed, or just unhealthy. They are criticized for the clothes they wear, the movies and television shows they choose to star in, the way they conduct their personal relationships, and even the way they raise their children. It is like they cannot catch a break. They are under constant scrutiny and have every decision picked apart by the media. This is the reality of stardom, not so glamorous and wonderful. But Americans have a plethora of problems that require immediate attention. It seems that the media should focus less on the supposed shortcomings of celebrities and focus instead on how they can be a good influence on the American people. Although people tend to villianize celebrities, Americans should try to be more like them because they are healthier, more charitable, and more active than typical Americans.
To begin, America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world (Finklestein 15). The vast majority of celebrities are very thin and toned. Celebrities adhere to strict dietary regimes to maintain a healthy weight. Many adopt complicated diets, such as the raw foods diet, to maintain a higher quality of life as well as to extend their length of life. Critics call this behavior vain and say the celebrities are merely trying to hold onto their youthful beauty and maintain their thinness. Even if this is true, Americans can likewise just be called fat and lazy for not having any motivation to exercise or eat healthily. Regardless of the reason for celebrities’ health consciousness, albeit possibly vain and selfish, it would be in the best interest of the majority of Americans to adopt this attitude and a healthier diet. If Americans need a more righteous reason to diet more like celebrities they merely need to look at the obvious health risks that go hand-in-hand with obesity such as liver disease, stroke, cataracts, cancers, heart disease, and osteoarthritis, among others (Finkelstein 12). These health risks should be reason enough to convince Americans to change their lifestyles and are just one argument of why Americans should strive to be more like celebrities.
Secondly, celebrities are more charitable than the average American. Celebrities are called selfish and...

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