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Cell Volume Lab Essay

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Method and Materials:We calibrated the conductivity sensor by measuring the conductivity when distilled water and 1.1% NaCl (338mOsm/kg) is added. We made sure that the conductivity probe correctly attached to the right insert on the SW500 Interface which is connected to the computer.We took small beaker to the front of the room and we filled it ¾ full with the prepared solution. We opened "Lab Group" folder. We then opened "Laboratory 2" folder. We clicked on the sensor. We then opened the calibration section of the program. We placed the conductivity probe first into distilled water and then we pressed "take reading". We inserted the concentration of distilled water in the table as 0mosm.We opened the program for laboratory 2. We placed the probe in one of the 12 solutions. We started recording by activating the start button. We continued recording until the readings are stable then we clicked the "stop" button. We used the "smart tool" to read the condutivity value and then we entered the data in the table.We removed the conductivity sensor from the beaker and then we shaked the sensor off. We made similar measurements of the remaining 12 NaCl solutions, and then we entered the data into the data table in the row labeled conductivity. We saved the data file in our own group data folder. Next, we determined the osmolality of each of the 12 solutionsWe prepared test solutions; we used red grease pencil to label the 12 test tubes from 1 to 11. We marked the last test tube with a letter "C" refers...

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3762 words - 15 pages that it becomes turgid and hard as water enters the cell or it becomes dehydrated (this is called plasmolysing in plant cells) as water leaves the cell and the solution enters. There is a change of mass, volume, texture and length.Aim:The aim is to investigate the effects of varying concentrations of a salt solution on the amount of osmotic activity between the solution and a potato of a given size.Osmosis:Process of OsmosisOsmosis is the process

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