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Cell Phone Providers In The United States

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“Can you hear me? Hello? I think we are breaking up,” a friend says to another on their cell phone while riding a train home from university. The United States likes to boast about their cell phones and their providers when in reality they are not the best. There is a lot that could be fixed to give the United States a better chance in modern technology. The United States is falling behind other developed countries with their modern technology involving cell phones.
Being one of the greatest countries comes with not the best cell phone coverage known to modern technology. The United States has dealt with dropped calls and dead zones for many years. This is not a new occurrence. In April of 2012, it was found that 72% of cell phone owners experience dropped calls at least occasionally. Along with 32% of cell phone owners say they encounter dropped called at least a few times a week (Pew Research Center). One provider has always been known for their dropped calls, AT&T. In August of 2012, AT&T was having the worst possible case of dropped calls out of all other providers. Their iPhone 4’s were known to have “death grip” (Freeman). Verizon Wireless was suffering from their dropped calls but the crown of The Worst Phone Provider was handed to AT&T in 2010 (Freeman).
The best phone provider is not even located in the United States. The best phone provider in the world is in China by the name of China Mobile. Statistics from November 2012 show that China Mobile has 703.46 million customers (Ray). China holds the first three spots for the best phone provider in the world. The United States Verizon Wireless is ranked number nineteen while AT&T is ranked number twenty-one. Both Sprint and T-Mobile do not make the top thirty on the list. One major factor that makes China number one with cell phone providers is because of the coverage. China has “limited competition among phone companies that coordinate to blanket the country with transmitters” (Fallows). With a blanketed country full of transmitters comes with coverage everywhere, including “on subways, in elevators, or even in a coal mine” (Fallows).
Unlike in the United States, other developed countries do not have as many options for cell phone providers. China has only three cell phone providers. The cell phone providers in China are China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. All three of these are in the top thirty of the best phone providers of the world. In 2011, China Mobile had 621.85 million customers while China Unicom had 183.74 million customers and China Telecom had 110.94 million customers (Cell Phone Companies in China).
There are tons of options for cell phone providers in the United States. There are prepaid ones, pay-as-you-go, and contracts. Some of the well-known contract cell phone providers are Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The different phone providers might try to show how they are the leaders in 4G LTE while the other ones are not, or that they offer lower...

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