Cell Phone Radiation May Help Alzheimer's Disease

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Every 71 seconds in this country, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and in a startling new report out today from the Alzheimer's Association, predicts that one out of every eight baby boomers-- or almost 10 milllion Americans – is expected to develop this disease, (Mckenzie). The University of South Florida has led a study along with the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center which has abandoned the idea that cell phone radiation is detrimental to our health. The experiment studied the effects of cell phones on Alzheimer's. Professor Arendash, started this study by noticing that the students in the hallway of the university had cell phones plastered to their ears. He set up the experiment with lab mice, beaming electromagnetic signals at them two hours a day, for eight months, this is the equivalent to daily phone use for 25 to 30 years for humans. The results surprised the research team. Over a long period of time, the radiation that the mice received, correlated with improved memory in normal mice, and helped to protect the mice from dementia and in some cases, reverse dementia. Arendash thought it was a sporadic event. Further testing showed that the mice who were genetically programmed to develop dementia had retained memories after the lengthy blasts of radiation. The autopsies showed that the protein clumps associated with Alzheimer's were fewer in those mice who received radiation compared to the mice who did not.
Obviously, the mice did not use miniature cell phones; however, their whole bodies were bombarded by a tower of radiation set at a frequency of 916 megahertz, just like an American cell phone. Mice were tested in a water maze, where they swam and tried to find locations of underwater platforms which allowed them to stand. Some mice had the radiation performed on them from when they were only two months old, before “mouse dementia” sets in. These mice kept strong memories and performed just as well as normal mice which suggests that the radiation could have protected their memories. Mice, who were transgenic, began the radiation treatment at five months old when memories had begun to deteriorate. In such cases, the radiation seemed to stop further memory loss and in some mice, the radiation may have reversed the memory loss.
According to the health physics society, radiation is an energy that comes from a source and travels through space which may be able to penetrate various materials. In the past few weeks of our chemistry class I have learned that atoms whom have an unstable nuclei are radioactive, these atoms give off excess energy which are radiation rays. Radiation varies from gamma, beta, and alpha rays. Gamma rays have the shortest wavelengths and highest frequencies. Gamma rays are the most energetic form of light produced by the hottest regions of the universe and emitted by the nucleus of radioactive atoms. Because of this, gamma rays are used to penetrate tissue property, such as in the use of CT scans,...

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