Cell Phone Use & Cancer Essay

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The usage of cell phones has now risen to an estimated 5-billion plus; however, certain health issues over their usage still remain to date. These issues are mainly concerns over whether they do in fact either cause cancer, or at least provoke it.

When a cell phone is used, it emits a radio-frequency energy in the form of a non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation which can be absorbed into the human tissues of the person that may be using it. Although, the amount of energy greatly depends on the technology of the phone that is being used, the amount of use, the distance between the antenna of the phone and it's user, and how far away the nearest cell phone tower may be.

Radio-frequency energy (electromagnetic radiation) can be placed into two categories: ionizing (x-rays, radon, and cosmic rays), and non-ionizing (radio-frequencies and power-frequencies) where the exposure to ionizing radiation has been known to increase the risk of developing cancer.

Although studies have been made, the problem is that cell phone technology is constantly advancing at such a fast rate, it makes not only researching the industry difficult, but almost impossible to gain conclusive results when studies are taken. Because of this, no consistent link has yet been made between cell phone use and cancer, such as those associated with the brain, surrounding nerves, and nearby head and neck tissues.

However, one study did reveal that when a cell phone was used for 50 minutes or more, the brain tissues on the side of the head that the phone was used, metabolized more glucose that it did on the other-side. Although, these results are still in a preliminary stage, and are considered inconclusive as to what this metabolism actually means, or as to what effect it might have on a user.

For the development of cancer to occur, it is generally accepted that some kind of damage to the DNA structure must be caused first; however, there is no actual conclusive information resulting that non-ionizing (radio-frequency) energy is actually harmful to human beings. Known case studies tend to imply that...

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