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Cell Phone Use In Classrooms Essay

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Cell phones in classrooms can be a powerful resource to students when used properly. They can be used as a helpful tool or aide. They can also be a major distraction. There are many problems with using cell phones in classroom, but I believe the good outweighs the bad.
Learning when cell phones are appropriate and when they are not is one of the most important factors of classroom use. Some students don't know when they need to put their phones away and focus on what the teacher is showing them. Teacher Cyndy Hilby said “she only uses phones with her upperclassmen.” She goes on saying “they’re mature enough to understand when we’re done, they have to put their phones away” (Hogan 1). Most people would agree with Cyndy Hilby’s statement. She seems to not mind the use of phones as long as students stay on task, and know when it is time to move on.
If students do not follow the policy then some teachers may change their policy on phones. Some students don’t understand what a privilege it is to use such smart devices, this lack of caring could cause them to lose the advantage. “Using the most up-to date equipment in school has always seemed to be a necessity. Yet the process of learning hasn't really changed, teachers still need to teach the students and the students still need to pay attention to the teachers” (“don’t” 1). Teachers are there to teach the students, students need to respect them and their ability to teach.

Schools can benefit financially from allowing students to use cell phones. If schools had everything available online then schools would not have to pay for so much paper and ink. There would not be a library because it would all be online where we could use E-books. There would be no more use of textbooks. Even now in some schools they are trying to get students to work with the new technology so that they can be better prepared when even newer and better things are created.
Currently a textbook can cost up to $200.00. Ebooks are significantly cheaper and can be accessed from smart phones. If schools were to change their policy and allow cellphones then not only would it cost less in the long run but generally speaking they would last longer. It would cost quite a bit to make this change initially, but it would help schools and the government from higher costs in the years to come.
One downside to the use of cellphones in the classroom is distraction. Sometimes kids get bored and mess around when they should be listening. Sometimes they might run across something that is vulgar and misleading which may cause them to have poor judgment. However, with proper rules and disciple, the distractions can be controlled.
Technology is a powerful tool that can help us and to advance our learning. Some teachers agree on the use of technological devices and some are completely against the idea of using technology in their classrooms. A teacher at Roanoke College by the name of Ali Nazemi had a students phone go off during class...

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