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Cell Phone Use In School Essay

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Should cell phones be used in school to promote learning, stepping up into the 21st century education? Using cell phones in school would be safer, and would make parents more secure about being able to contact their children immediately if an emergency arises. It can also be used for educational purposes, for contacting others and doing assignments online. A lot of students have smart phones, which are more available, and higher technology than a lot of schools have. Schools that have started using cell phones in school are having success with it, and students are more engaged in class. Schools should allow cell phones for safety and for educational purposes because they are handy and are at little to no cost to the school.
Parents are more comfortable if they can contact their kids at anytime. Students can get in touch with their parents or family members whenever they need to, whether it be a problem in school or at home, or just to feel safer. The 1999 shootings at Columbine High school and the September 2001 terrorist attacks triggered policy changes to ease restrictions on cell phone use in school (Ballaro). This fueled a national debate over the safety benefits and distractions of using cell phones in school. If parents and students can contact each other during the school day, it could inform students of an emergency or help potentially help prevent an emergency. Most students carry their phone on them during the school day already, giving us the opportunity to use them to benefit their education and safety.
Cell phones can be used as a learning tool to do homework and communicate with others, allowing them to complete group assignments. Smartphones are one of the latest pieces of technology, so they are extremely high-tech and it would be a mistake for schools not to use this advanced technology in our hands. It is likely that students will use their smartphones when doing homework out of class, and they most likely won’t have the same computing device as the school, so if they used their phone in class to work on the assignment, they could continue on with it after school without being lost or confused. The majority of kids carry their cell phones on them at all times anyway, so it would be a convenient and constructive way of learning. The availability of the technology of cell phones for learning should be used in schools all over the country, instead of being put aside because of it’s potential to be a distraction during class.
Most students have more up to date technology than the schools, so it’s more useful, available, and cheaper than the school’s technology. Cell phones can be used constructively in class by having limitations on how much students can use them, but it is a mistake not to use them at all....

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