Cell Phone Use In Teens Essay

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There has always been controversy as to teens not being able to concentrate and focus because of texting and cell phone use. Visiting any U.S high school can show the lack of concentration and focus of students caused by using their phones. Benefits of having a cell phone can have the advantage of reporting crimes as they happen, handling an emergency, and always being connected with friends and family; however there are drawbacks such as reducing concentration, having poor grades, and causing an accident while the driver is using his phone.

“ They (cell phones) allow people to stay connected to friends and family, for example, and provide a way to report crimes and emergencies…” ( How Does Cell Phone Use Impact Teenagers 9).

A man from California says his daughter has sent more than three hundred texts a day while at school.(17). “ My attention span is getting worse…” (Young and strong unable to concentrate 1). A driver, seventeen years old, lost control of his car while texting hitting a bicyclists who two days later died due to the accident (Cell Phone Distraction 3).

One advantage of having a cell phone is that its very helpful when a person needs to contact a friend or a family member (9). For example, when someone is lost in a place they have never been in. But now a days people owning a cell phone can never get lost because now phones have a map that tells you where your location is. Now a phone can also be a credit/debit card swiper for someone's business.

Another good advantage of having a cell phone is that if someone is a witness of a crime being committed that person can make a call to the police and try to get the person committing the crime off the streets (9). In almost every crime a cell phone is used to report it so it can be stopped. This can be seen while the crime is being committed people take out their phone and start calling the police.

GPS mounted in a cell phone can be another advantage for a parent that is worried to where his teenage son/daughter is. Teenagers sneaking out of their parents house in the middle of the night thinking their parents don’t know where they are, they're wrong a parent can install an application in the phone that lets the parent where the phone is located. Whenever a 911 call is being made the operator tracks the phone to see where the person is making the emergency call from (Cassel 5).

Owning a cell phone is an advantage because it can provide lots of help to people when they need it. For example when an elderly person loses his memory, a cell phone can help remind them by programming the phone to ring or to sound an alarm when they need to take their medication. Cell phones today has changed the world we live in. Popular businesses in different countries can make or cancel a meeting by a phone call away, and this can be seen by into a business online website.

Having a cell phone is like having a moblie atm in a persons poket or purse. By taking a picture of a...

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