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Cell Phones Essay

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Your driving home from school in your usual cautious and careful manner, your cell phone rings... Do you answer it and risk your concentration?Thats a question more of us are asking or should be asking ourselves today. ofcourse you answer that call.. Its just your friend from history class. Only a harmless five minute call right? Wrong, the trouble with this is those who talk on and drive at the same time run a thirty to forty percent risk of getting into an accident.The cell phone wireless industry introduced cell phones in 1983. Since then cell phone ownership continues to grow by forty percent a year. With the convenience of cell phones , it is inevitable that they have found their way into our vehicles, so much so, that eighty five percent of Americans have cell phones and are using them when they take to roadways. The freedom of speech and the freedom to move about feely have morphed into the right to a cellular phone when driving.Are cell phones really dangerous? Can they be termed a new monster, threatening lives and safety on our roads? Beyond the dangers of intoxicated drivers and road rages lies another threat on American highways, drivers who are fiddling with high tech gadgets they forget the basics of safe driving. Driver distraction is becoming one of the biggest problems on American roadways today and a growing concern of automakers who are pushing a new array of electronic devices that have the potential to let a persons eye stray from the road.As the cellular industry is booming ,so are the stories of people who drifted out of their lanes and hit a car while chatting on their cell phone. The van that swerved in front of your friend and ran off the road unexpectedly. Remember the news story of a woman who was driving 75mph and dropped her cell phone. She disappeared for a full twenty seconds before sitting up and taking control of her car. Cell phones have become an icon of danger and no matter how much driving experience on has or how confident one feels behind the wheel they still have to follow the rules of safety. whatever happened to the days of both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road? Attention on the road needs to not only be focused on ourselves,but on poor driving skills of others. On a recent survey eighty five percent of phone users stated that they use phone atleast occasionally when driving, thirty percent use them on highways and twenty seven percent on trips.( The same people reported, when their cell phone and as they reached for their phone they ran off the road.While using the cell phones not only do technological advances provide grand increases in our capacity of communication, and quality of communication, but also provide a great cause of concern. Multitasking is an efficient way to use time to accomplish several things at once. The temptation to do so while driving has brought the attention of traffic safety officials, educators and law enforcement officials that the combination...

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