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Cell Phones And Text Messages Essay

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Everyone in the world uses forms of communication to express feelings, thoughts, ideas, and have general conversations amongst each other. Yet in today's society a small object has taken over, even ruined the process of communication between humans. What is that object? It's called the cell phone.
People are becoming more dependent on their cell phones for communication and daily activities. The cell phone includes features from a wide range of being operated like a personal computer to a short simple text message. The rise of cell phone users and text messages has increasingly grown in the last decade. Text messaging has a more effect on today's society especially for young users. People would rather type a few words and be done with the conversation, rather than talk to an actual person. With the way society is now this could inflict social problems for the future. The uses of cell phones and text messages have forever changed the way society has conversations. Eliminating the way people can read body language or facial expressions.
The cell phone has changed the way people communicate as a whole. People do not have face conversations anymore; they call each other on the phone, or better yet send a text message. This has made talking and texting people more convenient. For instance, one would be able to be at the grocery store shopping while the other was out getting an oil change, still having a conversation that can carry on. People used to have sit down conversations that could take minutes to hours of talking. Now it's more simplified to have a quick response instead of an obligated time. Cell phones have even taken over the home telephone to almost being obsolete, letting people be more multitasking in daily events. Nowadays you don't have to find time to chit-chat you do it on the go.
Everywhere you go-all you see are people talking on their phone. What used to be considered disrespectful is now considered normal. In sit down restaurants you can see some type of mobile device. In the past, you were able to go to restaurants with family or friends and have quality time chatting to one another. People don't really take the time to think enough about you not to be on their phones. It doesn't matter about you or anyone else it's about the cell phone, that's what people tend to care about. No matter where you go people are engulfed by their cell phones, either in conversations or by finger typing a text message. People are so attached to these devices that it becomes a part of you that you would almost feel naked without it.
Talking or texting on a cell phone has become a deadly addiction. People have become so used to doing it they do it in situations possibly putting others in danger. It used to be women "putting makeup on" while driving. Now it's men and women talking or texting while driving. This takes their mind and eyes off the wheel, putting the family in the car next to you in danger. Risking other people for a simple call or...

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