Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer Essay

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After reading this title, I imagine how many people in our generation do not fall under in this category. In today’s world it is hard to go anywhere without seeing someone talking on a cell phone. Even if it’s walking, driving, or playing is the streets, you will be able to see them everywhere. Whether or not someone answering their cell phone is increasing the likelihood of fatal brain cancer, is in question. Apparently in recent years there has been much research completed looking for a solid answer to the question.
Essentially, people are worried about their brains being microwave, breaking bonds and causing genetic damage and consequently a cancerous tumor to evolve. For example, the New York Times magazine article which expressed a young man from Florida, David Reynard, situation of the same subject matter. He bought the question of whether cell phone can cause connections with the brain tumor that killed his wife. Although, the results of these studies are conflicting, puzzling and don’t offer anything conclusive, a summary of previous studies investigating cell phone usage has been in research.
In addition, the primary reason of uncertainly is due to reliance on recall, the study subject’s memory of how much they used their cell phone. The recall itself was studies that concluded to be considered unreliable. In fact, there were two conclusive results; first one was that brain cancer is rare and secondly, the control group for a study investigating cell phone use would be exceedingly difficult. Mr. Reynard then introduces how cell phone radiation differs from one to another causing DNA mutation; which can lead into cancer and other health issues. Even though there are many controversies about cell phones I feel that if used correctly and safely they are something that we cannot live without. In general, the conclusion of his theory of brain cancer and its relationship to cell phones are unproven. Therefore, there is no definitive link or evidence between cell phone usage and brain cancer.

Cell phone radiation lacks the energy necessary to break chemical bonds which is the only known method of action for cancer causing radiation.

Explicit Conclusion:
Therefore, there is no definitive link or evidence between cell phone usage and brain cancer.

1. As a result, of David Reynard’s wife tragic brain tumor, previous studies had led him to believe cell phone usage and other suspected carcinogens cause the brain cancer.
In most cases,
The most exquisite — and arguably the most sensitive — means to identify a carcinogen is to study the effects of the substance not on humans or animals but on cells. In the 1970s, a Berkeley biochemist named Bruce Ames devised a cellular test to do just that. Ames’s test is based on a series of simple principles. Normal cells in the body grow through cell division, or mitosis, which is carefully regulated by genes. Certain genes accelerate growth, while other genes...

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