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Cell Phones: Doing Good In Society

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Cell phones have been for as long as most can remember a very common part of society. This advancement of technology has changed our social interactions. Cell phones have become like girls with Starbucks, always around and cannot deal without it. We have become used to its many benefits and accessories it provides. Deb Cohen, from Philadelphia says, “The evolution of communication can actually benefit some teens by helping them form their own identity, separating from their parents” (Schorn, Cell Phones: Evolution or Revolution?) Why are cell phones so necessary for today’s society? Cell Phones are useful for communication, for news updates which very helpful in emergencies, and they help ...view middle of the document...

Anything with a screen that you can work on, or play games on, and communicate with people far away from you, is considered part of a computer grouping (Ijose, Teenage and Adult Texting, pg. 32.) Jobs require a lot of movement, keeping the same number when you move from place to place is a nice way to have a peace of mind about moving( Radin, Yes, Cell Phones have good points too.) Keeping in contact is becoming easier with cell phones and there are many different ways to communicate besides texting and phone calls.
“According to the International Telecommunications Union, 96% of the World is connected via Cell Phones which is why it has become a means of doing good”( Chhabra, Cell Phones have become a tool for doing good.) While doing activities, it is nice being able to take pictures of the events on our cell phones and update them immediately to social media! This way there is no hassle with a camera and it is one less thing to forget. An extra great accessory is when the cell phone doubles as an IPod, plays music and has space for games (Radin, Yes, Cell Phones have good points too.) The ability of the phone to connect to any other technology device helps us in areas such as the calendar to know where we are spouse to be by one click of the phone. (Radin, Yes, Cell Phones have good points too). Facts have proven that 75% of America uses the cell phone to update social media (Edgington, Guide to texting, Facebook, and Social Media, pg. 18). In a survey, it is found out that 57% of teenagers consider their cell phone the key to social interactions (Ijose, Teenage and Adult Texting...

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