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Cell phones, they fall under the freedom of speech act, banning them in public

places is not only unneeded but also unfair. Cellular devices aren't illegal, they've

been in public places for many years. They are just an everyday occurrence, commonly

seen everywhere you go.

Talking to your friends, your family, it's important to us. We shouldn't have to be

exiled to having to use them only in private. At times, locating a private place could

prove difficult. For instance, if you were in a retail store, which is a big open area,

where could you go to talk if you were to get a phone call? Not only that, but you may

have family members who don't live nearby, like maybe a different time zone. or perhaps

even a brother, uncle or another family member who's overseas defending our country!

Communication with them is rare, so when the opportunity arises you jump in to take it.

If they called while you were in a public place...well, you'll have to call them back

later. Which isn't always an option. Therefore, we should not be limited to our cell

phone usage.

If the need were to arise, in a same of an emergency or expected emergency, you

shouldn't second guess yourself because of fear of a fine. Someone in a restaurant is

having an allergic reaction, obviously you'd need to call in paramedics. Should you

call there or run outside, or to a bathroom to make the call? No. You should make

there call there and now, without the worry of a potential act of punishment. One day

you're at a gas station getting something to drink, in a corner you see a guy acting

suspiciously. You feel unsafe, but pulling out your phone to call authorities Isn't an

option because you aren't allowed to! Say you're a parent and your child is playing in

a public play ground, for instance a Mc Donald's play place and they get injured

There. First reaction, call someone to help. But can you? Would you get fined? This

Is exactly why we shouldn't restrict usage of cell...

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