Cellphones And Driving Essay

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With the turn of the century Americans had already been introduced to the world of cell phones. In 1999; 86,047,003 cell phones subscribers existed worldwide, now the number is over 300,520,098 (High Beam Research). With this increased number of cell phone subscribers we are now facing the dangers of operating a cell phone while driving. Cell phones are dangerous to use while driving because one takes their eyes off the road, maintain only one hand on the steering wheel while talking, and even attempt to send texts while operating a motor vehicle.
When the operator of a motor vehicle takes their eyes off of the road to answer their phone they do not plan on fumbling with their phone. Their intentions are good, let their loved one know they are on their way home, or to chat with a friend they haven’t spoken to for some time. Unfortunantly things don’t always happen the way we plan them.
All it takes is the phone to slip from our grasps, to fall out of the cup holder and onto the passenger floor board, and now, for some odd reason, we must answer that phone call. The urgency suddenly changed because we can’t let that phone sit there unanswered. So our eyes leave the road longer, using our best judgment of where the road once was to keep us on the road.
It’s at this moment that we fail to see a car stopped, or the pedestrian stroll out onto the road. This moment is when the drives attention needs to be firmly planted on the road ahead of them, not the vibrating/ singing technology on the seat next to them.
Another reason phones should not be used while operating a vehicle is because one hand is now occupied with holding the phone to their ear instead of being able to assist. While most people on the motorway don’t drive with two hands on the steering wheel they do make evasive maneuvers with two hands. Another dangerous aspect of having one hand occupied is for those who drive a manual vehicle. Trying to hold the phone to ones ear,...

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