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Cellphones Should Be A Privilege For Teenagers Not A Necessity

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We as humans have always needed the ability to communicate with each other; this is how we express our emotions, feelings, concerns and also how we pass down our knowledge from one another. Communication has been the key to hour species survival; this is how we let each other know the latest information that relates to our lives. However, getting the information from one place to another especially across countries or even continents has always been a difficult task, many times the information got lost or it just never reaches its destination. Human kind has always tried to make it easier to communicate with one another. Sometimes it’s for financial purposes and others for necessity. Most if not all of the information in the past was carried on paper, paper has been one of our most important means of communication for the last couple millennium. We have used paper to write letter to our loved ones who are far away, to relay information during the war, or simply to write a poem. However, due to the lack of a better delivery system the delivery or paper mail had always been a slow method of delivery.
The Cellular phone was the latest in a long line of mobile wireless communication technology. Cellular phones have come a long way since their invention back in the early 1930’s. When talking with a teenager about the word cellular they might look back at you and say what is a cellular? This is because they have come a very long way since their invention that even the name has changed. When you show a child 5-12 years old average a “brick” cellular they do not know what it is or how to use it. However, if you give those same kids a smartphone they can make calls; play games, and watch TV, and even chat and video chat without any adult supervision.
Eric Bargeron and James F. Tidd, Jr. explain how “In the beginning of the 21st century cellular telephones became a necessary communication device for Americans of all ages”. Though cell phones were in use as early as the 1980s, technological advances made smaller phones more prominent and affordable, and network expansion made calls clearer and more reliable. Although this is a great advance in mankind communication it has also come with great responsibilities and great consequences which young adults and teenagers are not yet ready for: due to the ability to communicate with anyone around the world in seconds, the fact that cellphone use has desensitized us from one another and most recently it has started to become a very dangerous addiction.
The search for new ways of communication begun in 1844 with the non-electrical telegraph, the creation of many minds and many hands invented by Claude Chappe; however, it was Samuel Morse that successfully exploited the electromagnet and better Joseph Henry’s invention. This was the first telegraph system that was a practical and commercial success. By 1852, 23,000 miles of telegraph lines, referred to as "the great highway of thought" existed in America. By 1861,...

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