Cellphones: The Hidden Threat And Why Laws Should Bann Usage While Driving

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A person is sitting on his couch watching television; the show goes to a commercial for the new I-phone. The commercial states the improvements between the new model versus the previous. The person looks at his phone sitting next to him on the table, contemplating whether or not to purchase the newest model. He decides to go to Best Buy to purchase one. As he is driving, his phone starts to ring; not possessing Bluetooth, he gropes for his phone on the passenger seat, causing him to slightly swear on the road, almost hitting another vehicle in the opposing lane. Luckily, he arrives at a stop light, and he grabs the phone. The light turns green, and he proceeds ahead, only to hit a bump, which causes him to drop the phone onto the floor, under the brake pedal. He bends down to grab the phone, causing him to take his eyes of the road, unfortunately, there is a train coming full speed down a set of tracks only a few meters in front of the car. The train’s horn snaps the driver to attention, and he tries to slam on the breaks, but his phone jams the brake pedal. The car careens in front of the train, and smashes in half from the impact, killing the driver instantly. To think a cell phone, a device one sees and uses every day, can cause a disaster like the above. The modern cell phone started its progress into a compact super computer forty years ago. However, since then many deaths have occurred, as well as, laws banning cellphone usage.
First, the telephone emerged in 1876, after being developed by Alexander Graham Bell. Reginald Fessenden made the first wireless telephone call in 1900. In 1947, William Rae Young devised the use of hexagonal pattern to support the telephone network, which lead to AT and T to create the huge phones seen in old cartoons. Forty years ago, Martin Cooper of Motorola, made the first practical phone, which measured nine inches long and weighed two and a half pounds compared to AT and T’s eighty pound phones. Mr. Cooper in his success, called his rivals in AT and T with his new telephone to brag about his success (Strickland, Jonathan). Later, IBM made “Simon”, the first phone to resemble modern smartphones, which became the top device. Simon, like today’s modern phones, possessed a touch screen, an on-screen QWERTY board, and apps (mini software programs), such as fax, a calculator, games, and a calendar, among other things. This provided the populace with a mobile office, so an assignment could be finished away from work or for...

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