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Cellphones: The Scapegoats Of The 21st Century

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Cellphones are quite possibly the most amazingly useful and convenient technological development since the internet. Grandma always said "If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is." Something as incredible as a cellphone is guaranteed to have some detrimental downside right? Well, the media reporters are on top of that, spawning reports on the dangers of cellphones as frequently as they use the toilet. While the weight of such stories on the rapidly growing cellphone population is slim to none, blame should not be placed where it is not due. Not only are cellphones made a wrongfully blamed for our problems, but they have a more positive affect in several situations than they are commonly given credit for.
One of the most popular arguments against cellphones today, is that they cause cancer and other health risks. ​The ever persevering spread of bad news constantly reminds the world that studies show cellphones may cause a increased risk of cancer. Most people have heard that radiation from cell phones can cause cancer, a handful have even won lawsuits against cancer selling cell phone companies. The idea behind these studies may have come from fear of new technology, the desire to learn more about cancer, or somewhere else, but somewhere along the line "possible cancer causing cellphone radiation" evolved into a monster.
The thought of cellphones harboring harmful radiation is a scary one, but go ahead and take your phone out on that date tonight because current research has shown that cellphones do not cause cancer. When in doubt, look at the statistics​. Geoffrey Kabat, a contributor to Forbes online magazine, introduces his article on cellphones by stating that "In recent years a large number of studies from over a dozen countries have been published showing no evidence of a detectable link between cell phone use and brain tumors."(Kabat) Not only are there numerous studies that show cell phones do not cause cancer, but also that cellphones do not cause any increased health risks. The FDA agrees with Kabat and states that scientific evidence, from WHO and other organizations, have found that there are no health risks from cell phone radiation.(FDA). Data that has been collected on cellphone ownership and cancer rates strongly support studies showing no link between cellphone use and cancer. From 1991 to 2008, cell phone usage has increased from less than 1,000,000,000 minutes per day to over 6,000,000,000 minutes per day. In the same time frame, new cancer diagnoses have gone from over 69 million Americans to 65 million Americans.(Kabat) It may be shocking to go from supposed explosions of cell phone triggered cancer to none whatsoever. Just calm down for a minute, have a look at some of the studies, and please consider that perhaps even cellphones should remain innocent until proven guilty.
The Danish study was one of the most convincing studies because it counted every Dane from 30 to 65 years of age. By pulling phone...

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