Cell Phone Use In Schools Essay

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Almost all students have a secret, advanced, incredible learning tool tucked away in their pockets that teachers and schools never take advantage of. This device is so powerful, so up to date, that it could revolutionize and intensify the academic learning environment. I bet you're wondering what this wonderful device might be and why the schools aren't using it. This magical device is a cell phone, a smart phone if you may. Almost every teen today has a smart phone or cell phone that they carry around every where they go. These devices have the power to do many things and could highly improve the learning environment. Plus, there are many features of smart phones that could also improve the learning environment. It is foolish for teachers and schools not to take advantage of this fairly new technology. Every school and class room should be cell phone welcome and should encourage their students to bring their cell phones to school. Still not convinced? Here are a few examples of the many different ways cell phones and smart phones could intensify the learning environment.
Like I said before, almost every teen has a cell phone or smart phone. "In 2010, 75 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds owned a cell phone(Lenhart, I.ing, Campbell, Purcell)." If 75 percent or more of our youth have cell phones and smart phones and are comfortable using them, why don't we uses them as learning tools in school? Schools and teachers rejecting and denying the use of cell phones are basically turning their backs to an outstanding learning tool that could tremendously improve the learning environment. If teachers could take advantage of the power of cell phones and smart phones, the effect on the learning environment could be incredible (Cummiskey). Almost every student has a cell phone and teachers should take advantage of that. Schools should also supply students without cell phones or smart phones a school use only smart phone because they wouldn't have to supply many with majority of students already having them. Schools and teachers take advantage of many other new technologies so why wouldn't they take advantage of a cell phone. What is so much worse about a cell phone than any other new technology?
Schools have constantly taken advantage of new technology throughout history, so why not take advantage of cell phones. In 1874 the typewriter hit the market. In this time the typewriter was a hot, new technology that revolutionized the way of writing. Schools quickly took advantage of this new technology to improve the learning environment(World Book Encyclopedia pg442). Soon after that in 1920's the electric typewriter hit the market. Just like the normal typewriter the electric typewriter quickly was utilized in schools as another learning tool(World Book Encyclopedia pg443). In 1950's the first computers were put on the market(World Book Encyclopedia pg740). Nearly 30 to 40 years later, due to technical advances, schools took...

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