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Imagine for a moment, the year is 1980. You are sitting beside a lake sketching the landscape and someone delivers a message to you that your mother has called and wanted to know if you needed any extra food dishes for the family dinner that is planned for this evening. Now consider the possibilities of dropping your work to run in and return the call in your attempt to catch her before she departs for the store to get items she doesn't need. This scenario has more than likely been played out hundreds if not thousands of times all over the world.Fast forward 26 years, it is now 2006 and being in the second generation of cellular devices and the developments we've made so far in technology the scenario is twisted into something like this. You are sitting beside a lake, not the same lake, but one hundreds of miles from nowhere. But this time you get a telephone call on your cellular phone and you know it's your mother because of the special ring tone that calls out to you, "You have a call from, MOM." She of course still wants to know if you need anything, but this time it's because she's in a specialty store on her cellular phone in Western Europe just hours from getting on board a flight home.This scenario has been and is being played out all over the world. The advancements in technology have made this a reality and with further advancements into the third generation of cellular technology we will have devices that we imagine in science fiction movies. In fact, third generation devices are all about two things: digital data and universal service coverage. One of the driving forces behind the third generation is the strong consumer demand to use cell phones anywhere on earth without having to change carriers, unless the change is seamless and doesn't involve exorbitant charges.Before we can consider the benefits of the third generation we must reflect on the current generation of cellular technology. One of the most prevalent cellular systems used by today are devices is the Global System for Mobile Communications otherwise referred to as GSM. GSM was seriously advanced when it was introduced, capable of using Time Division Multiple Access or TDMA, a technology that lets up to eight callers share the same radio frequency. Unfortunately GSM, which is rapidly becoming a worldwide wireless standard can't handle the features that define third generation products and services. Because of this, new types of cellular networks are being installed, which allows us to focus on the future.The next generation of true third generation services is all about digital data and universal...

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