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Assignment Two: Language Related Tasks1) I'm moving out of my apartment.Look at the sentence and then tick the statements which have the same form and meaning as the part which is underlined.She's having her hair cut at 3 o'clock this afternoonAbdullah's working in Qatar at the momentWe're picking him up from the airport at 11pm.Josie's always worrying about something.Tick the statements/ concept questions which apply to the part of the sentence underlined in (1)It's talking about the future. CCQ: It is talking about the past, present or future? Future.It's talking about now. CCQ: It is talking about the past, present or future? PresentIt's an arrangement. CCQ: It is an arrangement? YesIt happens regularly CCQ: Does it happen regularly? NoTick the summary of phonological features that is true for sentence (1).Stress on the first syllable of "moving, contraction of "I am" to "I'm"Stress on "I" and the first and second syllables of 'moving'No problems.Tick the analysis of form which matches the structure in sentence (1)Subject + am/is/are + present continuousSubject + verb + ingSubject + am/is/are + verb + ingReferencesEncarta.msn.comhttp;//dictionary.reference.comPractical English Usage, p189, Michael Swan, Oxford 3rd Edition, 20052) He feels annoyed with Joe for being so late.a. Tick the statements of meaning/ concept questions which apply to the part of the sentence underlined in (2)He was very angry CCQ: Was he angry? Yes A little or very? VeryHe was a little angry CCQ: Was he angry? Yes A little or very? A littleIt happened in the past CCQ: Are we talking about the past, present or future? PastSomething made him angry CCQ; Did something make him angry? YesIt happened a number of times. CCQ: Did it happen once or a number of times? A numberb. Tick the summary of phonological features for the item of vocabulary (2)Stress on the second syllable, the pronunciation of the /j/ sound, 'ed' pronounced /d/ (with not stressed)Stress on the first syllable, the pronunciation of the /j/ sound (with not stressed)No problemsc. Tick the analysis of form which matches the underlined word in sentence (2).VerbAdjectiveNounReferencesOxford Word power, Oxford University Press, Helen Warn, 1999http://dictionary.reference.com, L.L.C, 20103) She must have given it to them already.Tick the statements which have the same form and meaning as the part which is underlined in (3)That must have been the worst experience ever!They must have left before lunch.Write one more sentence with the same form and meaning in (3)That must have been niceb. Tick the statements of meaning which apply to the part of the sentence underlined in (3). Write concept checking questions and answers only for the ones you have chosen.It's in the pastCCQ & answer: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________It's talking about now.CCQ & answer: ___________________________________________I definitely know.CCQ...


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