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Ceng 441 – Design Of Digital And Vpsi Systems Ceng 441 Report

680 words - 3 pages

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Victoria
CENG 441 – Design of Digital and VLSI Systems
Design Project
Thruster Control System
Report submitted on:
August 7th, 2013
Dr. Fayez Gebali
Ping-Hsiang Hung (V00700512)
Raymond Tian (V00715773)
1. Problem Description
AUVic is an autonomous vehicle team at University of Victoria that has attended the AUVSI RoboSub Competition for many years. The goal for this project is to design a thruster control system that can potentially be implemented to the new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The current thruster system is using peer software system to control four thrusters; it relies on the software code to provide data and translate the data to hardware code in order to drive the correct thrusters. Since each thruster has a unique ID, if the thruster sets up incorrectly, the system will drive the wrong thruster, which may result AUV losing control or sinking. To solve the potential problem that can affect the performance, the team is highly interested in develop a peer hardware thruster system to improve the thruster system reliability.
2. Objectives
To design and develop a VHDL thruster control system, the team is requested to meet the following:
1. Allow system to drive individual thruster based on the simply signal input.
2. To avoid the error signal that outputting the speed that can result AUV unstable.
3. Control system should be based on the position of the thruster instead of the thruster’s ID.
3. Project Plan
For the design of “AUVic Thruster Control System” project, the estimated duration of completion is ten weeks. In the first two weeks, a background research will be conducted to get familiar with the contents. Furthermore, the development process will takes about one month to design and build up the system.
After creating the system, a tune-up will be followed; including testing the code, meeting with AUVic to discuss any improvements could be made. The preliminary model will be documented an upgrade will be made as need. The final alternative will be chosen as the...

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