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Censoring Of Violent Video Games Essay

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There has always been controversy as to whether violent video games should be censored. Video games should be censored for the good of society. Video games do harm to teens and society due to making teens accumulate frustrations,makes teens think violence is acceptable in problem solving, and makes them very unhealthy but it also does some good, such as helps teens control their emotions, makes them conscious of what is good from what is bad, and helps them get rid of stress. This controversy may just be solved with the help of some research.
Violent video games makes teens think violence is acceptable in problem solving. Teens usually play and use violence to solve any crime or any wrong business that might of have had gone wrong during any dealing of some sort. Playing “Grand Theft Auto” is the greatest example in which you go and use your fists or weapons of any kind ,and instead of peacefully resolving problems out peacefully it goes up to solving their problems with violence. Now, when it comes to real life conflict between one teen to another individual the first thing they think about is of the video game, what would so and so character in so and so game do? They go on into using violence.Instead of solving everything like normal civilized human beings, through either an agreement through verbal confrontation, they go on to violence as a easy way out which only causes more trouble. This is actually going into that teens which play these violent video games actually think violence is a real problem solving skill.according to the review “ Contributing to Youth Violence,(1)” “...violent video games teach youth that violence is acceptable conflict-solving strategy…” Showing how violence on video games contributes to violence in the real life.Teens are also less forgiving than teens who don’t play video games.
The Censoring of Violent Video Games will not only prevent teens from using violence to solve their problems, but it may also prevent teens from accumulating frustrations. When teens play the violent video games and they don’t pass a level or either they lose don’t get what they want, they get frustrated and start hitting everything and moving stuff around. These frustrations may lead to violence, or diseases. When teens get all these frustrations accumulated and they get to school they just want to be alone and be alone because of the fact if one little thing ticks them off they will immediately trigger them to use violence to solve it all out. As stated in “ Catharsis Theory,(1)” a review from experts “ These frustrations could lead to the individual committing violent acts if not release by other means.” also in line 4 “ .. violence in the media initiates violent thoughts that individuals eventually carry out..” This only demonstrates that all these frustrations may lead to violence in the teen society which many carry out to fights.
Another benefit from censoring violent video games prevents teens from having health problems,...

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