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Censoring Profane Music Essay

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Profane music should not be censored. Freedom of speech and right of expression are the ideals for which our country stands. These two principles are the very same freedoms that artists depend on the most to make their music, but as important as those things are, many artists feel that these basic human rights are being taken away from them. Some feel that music is another form of expression and a way of putting ideas or opinions out for others to hear. When music is censored or not played at all because it is viewed as offensive, it makes people wonder if there is a limit on our freedom of speech.However, not all people respect all song lyrics. Some people can find certain words obscene or profane. That is completely comprehendible; there are many popular musical artists today who can be vulgar and somewhat inappropriate. Nevertheless, the music industry has to be fair to everyone, for example, if a rock song is uncensored, then a rap song has the right to be uncensored as well. Everyone has their own pet peeves and they are more than able to respect an artist's message by being able to try to listen. No one is forcing a person to listen to music. They have rights not to listen, as well as their own rights to freedom of speech.To many musical artists, freedom of expression is extremely important. They express themselves through their music, and show their feelings and emotions through songs and song lyrics. They convey their thoughts mainly through lyrics, which are the essential fundamentals of a song. Lyrics are very important to a music listener; they help the listener get a feel for the artist's message. The listener understands what the singer or songwriter is trying to say, and can sometimes relate to the words.Censored lyrics today aren't enormous problems, but there is still some ridicule and inequality behind all that censorship madness. Most lyrics are censored...

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