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Censoring Video Games Essay

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Violent video games have proven to correlate with real world violence and they are to be blamed for the culture of violence that is today. The government should take action to monitor video game content and limit distribution of video games with questionable content because violent material leads to higher levels of aggression in children and adults, desensitizes them and subsumes inappropriate content.

Violent video games lead aggression. Children are very susceptible to the power of characters and the brutal environment that generate aggressive behaviour and contribute to youth violence. According to Dr Donald L. Hatcher a study made in 2011, games with violent themes, hinder prosocial behavior in children. They are more likely to confuse fantasy violence with real world violence, and without a framework for ethical decision making, they may mimic the actions they see in violent video games (Violent Video Game Regulation 2003). As Elizabeth Carll notes violent video games require active participation, repetition, and identification with the violent character. With new game controllers allowing more physical interaction, the immersive and interactive characteristics of video games can increase the likelihood of youth violence (Rehearsing Aggression 2007). Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl K. Olson have pointed out that Increasing reports of bullying can be partially attributed to the popularity of violent video games. In 2008 a study Grand Theft Childhood informed that 60% of middle school boys who played at least one Mature-rated game demonstrated aggressive behaviour violence, compared to 39% of boys that did not (The Surprising Truth 2008). Mary O'Toole, Supervisory Special Agent reports a FBI study claiming that students show highly interest in violent image rather than the game (A Threat Assessment Perspective). O'Toole then asserts that the effect of violent video games is one of the behaviors linked with school shootings (A Threat Assessment Perspective). Researches show that violent video games corrupts children minds and causes them to act out in negative ways. Many incidents have happened, and in order to stop them from happening in the future, the government must take action.

Although violent video games will not necessarily cause those who play them to become killers, it is proven that children who play aggressive video games do experience less empathic and sympathetic emotions towards others. The kind of kids that society is raising today are not just desensitized, they are brought to a satiate reward and pleasure with human death and suffering at a youngest age. From their earliest days they sat in front of video games and what they do when somebody is in a horrible way in the screen they snack and they cheer. Lt. Grossman, expert in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime describes the children’s desensitization to violence with the Pavlov dog experiment. Ring the bell feed the dog, ring the bell...

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