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Censorship: Good For Society Or Not

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Censorship of media should remain in the hands of the individual, not the government. Censorship is, in the eyes of those who spend vast amount of time on the internet, or are quite invested in various forms on media, one of the greatest evils governments attempt to enforce upon its citizens.
The philosophy of self-directed living is one that encapsulates the ideology that we are capable as human beings, and therefore capable of making decisions that pertain to our individual families and self. Censorship would be rules set by those in power, and therefore would forsake the individual’s rights. We already have rating systems posted on media, and will preface a program that contains what is ...view middle of the document...

" Roger Kimball, art critic and social commentator. (Introduction to Censorship: Opposing Viewpoints. 2010). Many people feel that there are those in society that need guidance in what is appropriate and what isn’t, for the good of society as a whole. Regulating society’s media sources are seen by certain groups, as a way of maintaining a standard of life that is beneficial to everyone.
When it comes to “offensive content” in media, such as violence, gore, harsh language, sexual content, etc., these are things that many people want censored or removed all-together. Our country already has a rating system in place to help parents in monitoring what their children are exposed to in media. Censorship, however, goes beyond protecting children, it infringes on the rights of others, it infringes on the rights of individuals to make their own choices. The counter-argument is who decides the level of censorship, who decides what the general public is allowed to see, read, play, or be exposed to in general. Furthermore, many see this as something that should too fall into the hands of parents to decide what is seen by their family.
The danger of censorship is that choice is taken away from the individual, and placed in the hands of government. While we all have different tastes and expectation of our personal freedoms, allowing governmental censorship intrudes upon those personal choices and our freedom of speech and press. Although many people would condone government censorship, many feel that...

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