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Censorship: How It Would Restrict The Average American From Living The Life They Deserve

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In what ways has censorship played a role in changing the conceptions of the American Dream? First let’s start by clarifying what the American Dream actually is. Deepening the American Dream is a “project that engenders a rediscovered sense of community in our society and empowers our capacities to receive and relate to those we think of as other” ( Censorship has played way too many roles in messing with the way people think. One way is through the media. Censorship in the media is a big deal. The government only tries to get us to see what they want us to see. They really don’t want us to know the truth or reality, so they give us the half-truth or a version they think would ...view middle of the document...

I used the Google search engine to find research on my topic but really didn’t get much. It wasn’t until the day I went to the library and the professor helped me find articles on my topic. He showed which databases to go into and find my research. As I started reading each journal and article everything started to make so much sense. The database is a complete help. I can type in what I am looking for and then use all these different tools to narrow down my search. I can even use this one tool to generate the work cited documentation for me. The fact that I struggle with the MLA format with citation and there’s a way to help me with that is great. I even set up an appointment to go to the writing center and get help with my research topic.
Going to the library and searching up books on media censorship and censorship in general was very successful. After reading some chapters it really helped me gain more insight for this paper. It helped me learn more knowledge on the subject to help better clarify the details on my topic. Who would’ve thought that I would have all this access to information? After reading the books on censorship I went back to the internet to look up news articles on how censorship is really affecting America today. You’d be surprised at how many articles come out of the wood works.
This process really helped me get a better understanding on what censorship really is and it affects our American Dream. I would recommend everyone to try this process. I guarantee it’ll work for you.
What I've learned:
Censorship is a situation where an individual or a group of people decides that certain materials should not be visually examined or even read. People who favor censorship verbalize that if certain books are proscribed then other people will be forefended. This is because they cerebrate that those books that are indispensable to veto could be of lamentable influence or could be at a position to corrupt the minds of readers. As for those that are opposed to ostracizing of books in regards to censorship, they verbalize that it is a way of infringing the rights of fellow human beings by gainsaying them liberation of expression (Magoon 7-8).
In the Bill of Rights of U.S, the first amendment guarantees its citizens liberation of expression and verbalization. This denotes that writers can write down articles with subjects of their own choice, newspapers are free to reprehend the government and citizens can verbalize about anything as there is no problem. However, not all nations are given such liberation. There are nations that citizens are not sanctioned to reprove its government and freedom of worship is not sanctioned. This means that some nations do not sanction their citizens to worship differently from the faith that the government practices (Magoon 9-11).
Censorship is a really big deal in the libraries. They ban a lot of books if it isn’t...

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