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Censorship In Radio And T.V Essay

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As of today it's often said that from the blurry images on tv to the blanked out words on the radio, that censorship is usually been seen everywhere. It can be described as the act or practice of putting down material allow obnoxious on moral, political, military, and other grounds. Censorship has been around forever and has been done by different groups, such as there has been government, sometimes you see religious groups, corporations, and mass media. Censorship is also seen in every country and each of them may have its own guidelines in regards to censorship. There are so many reasons there are for censoring, because they do not want hidden government ideas to be put out to the public, ...view middle of the document...

Now more parents are just concerned these days about the games their children are playing then they have ever before. There are many different kinds of censorship out there and these are available for the individuals use. The (ESRB) which stands for Entertainment Software Rating Board, self censorship, and right now video game companies censoring are just a couple of examples. I have heard that in some cases video game censorship has been taken to court. This is where the line is drawn because it could breach on your first amendment rights which protects our freedom of speech and freedom of press. If you think about it all the kinds of censorship out there we should all be able to make our own decisions when it comes to buying a game.

Everyone does not know what is going on with video game censorship. Since the beginning of video games they have done nothing but showed progression. Today most people remember when the Pong and Frogger were released. Now a days when you walk into the store you see games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty Ghosts. Video games have definitely changed since they were made, and as technology improves the games will so show a great change. Since there has been such a big change in technology and the kinds of games that are being made today, produced censorship has become a major problem. As the games made for adults and mature audiences are produced there will always be a chance for a younger person to get there hands on the game and play it. There are many concerns with these games and it can be a scary thing for parents as they want their children to be raised with respect for the elders and not to be talking back to them, from what they learn in these mature rated games.

As everyone knows the main reasons that these rating systems were put into place was because the effect these...

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