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Censorship In Society Essay

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Censorship is an important barrier in our society today. The moral structure of society does depend on valid actions of censorship. Valid actions of censorship in advertisement, education, finances, and in the realm of science censorship is important. Due to history and present events have shown that it is warranted, this keeps a balance in the law of moral restraint. Without censorship there would be total chaos and anarchy throughout our society. An example would be back during the Roman period, their culture became morally corrupt, such as lack of honesty, no limits to their pleasure, and no integrity, such as being self-righteous. Regarding censorship the Bible says, “Guard your heart ...view middle of the document...

Children follow the examples that are set before them. Such as a child watching violent television, playing violent video games, or reading about violence, this creates the nature of violence in them. Since all they are surround themselves with is violence. Without a parent or censor telling them that violence is wrong they will find violence to be acceptable. So since children are in their developmental stages in life, censorship should play a pivotal role. Everything they do should have censors, so they are not influenced negatively or immorally. Children should be instructed through adult guidance about the dangers of the world and how to manage their influences. Total censorship for a child will have them culture shocked when they finally do experience an obscenity. Censorship for a child should be balanced to the point where they know about a danger, but know not to follow in it as well.
Today society understands that there is a need for censorship, since live T.V. is delayed for 5 seconds. Most of the time famous people tend to act the way they want to regardless of the program that they are on. Such as the MTV music awards, live performances may consists of vulgar language being spoken, which has to be censored. They delay provides they to censor it without it being broadcasted to the masses, who don’t prefer hearing such language. Other T.V programs that are live have the same issues. Even recorded programs being shown is...

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