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Censorship Is The Banning Of Communication

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One of the most despised sentiments an individual can endure is knowing the truth has been hidden from you. Numerous countries around the world are hiding reality from their citizens. Even if this may be good willed at first, this act manipulates a population with lies. Censorship is the banning of any sort of communication (e.g Literature) which is considered harmful or obscene to a certain population by the government (Gilc). This may enable a country to evolve in a short term basis but this development will be very superficial and will not last long. Every individual has the right to see what they will and this right should not be perpetrated. When censorship occurs the government is limiting the general knowledge of a country. Some may say that it is for the good of the population but it is simply protecting people from reality.

Censorship should not be employed as it is unsustainable due to its superficiality. A country may boast about their general development, but often the way it is done is hidden from the public eye. Economic growth is one of the many components taken into consideration when calculating a country's development, Singapore excels in this criteria. Unfortunately this is not the key to a long term growth. The economy changes rapidly and a slight mistake could cause Singapore to find themselves in deep debt. Singapore is a perfect example of a country where its success is extremely superficial. Few know the quantity of information hidden by the government. This country may seem like an ideal place to live due to their reliable safety or encouraging educational systems but this often leads up to the youth population being over protected, and when moving to other countries finding it exceedingly challenging to find jobs and adapt to the countries society. The perception of reality has been completely manipulated by the government. Whether this may be for the good of the population or fear of riots, one day or another it will backfire. Famous author Oscar Wilde states “The book that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame.” (Buzzfeed) ,this quote from Picture of Dorian Gray reinforces the idea of banning being a way of hiding reality from its population. Contrary to an ethical absolutist who would believe telling the truth is always the right path, an ethical utilitarianism would face an ethical dilemma. He would not be able to decide whether to enhance the short term utility or face the risk of reality. Most of the time they will only think of the strategy that is the most utile at the moment. This once again reiterates the point that this strategy will not be sustainable. The population should be told the truth and have the right to know the reality around them. For a country to grow, the population must feel like their government is sincere and has some kind of integrity.

The act of censorship perpetrates numerous rights constraining the communication of a population....

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