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Censorship: Justified Or Not? Essay

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It is the year 2014. The growth and advancement in technology and innovation lead to the birth of new channels of media. Back tracking to the 1950s, the primary source of media would have been printed such as newspapers, articles and magazines. The introduction of the televisions and cinemas in the late 20th century resulted in the production of masterpieces such as movies and dramas alike. Currently, the internet is the unified source for all kinds of media which gives allows us to freely express and exhibit our perspectives and ideas. On the other hand, this revolution in the media industry saw the production of certain media that are unsuitable for certain audiences. Thus, government bodies such as Malaysia’s Multimedia and Communication Commission are set up to selectively evaluate and censor contents to ensure that media would not be harmful to the public. Therefore, this essay strives to prove that censorship is sometimes justified.
Censorship as defined by Wikipedia is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by a government, media outlet or other controlling body. This context in itself is not acceptable as we have no rights to limit a person’s freedom of speech as that is the basic right we have as humans. However, censorship is a step taken by relevant authorities in order to maintain national security and stability, limit actions that may insight disregard for the law be it violence or causing harm to others and prevent the corruption of children. The first point that is going to be pointed out in this essay is regarding national security and stability. It is a common practice by governments around the world to apply censorship in order to maintain national security and public order. Censorship is implemented to prevent from clashes and chaos, no matter with domestic or international matters. In every country, there are certain policies, agencies and practices of the ruling government that are not made known and information have to be censored before being released to the general public. In the year 2012, President Barack Obama of the United States censored more documents that were to be released citing national security as the primary reason. (Susan Crabtree; 2013) There is an argument on the basis of censorship as the people feels that they have to know everything and that the government is limiting that right. Try looking at it from another point of view, if the government had released informations about their military strengths or drills, they will be disclosing secrets that will compromise the safety and sovereignty of the country. This will be equivalent to revealing your hidden card to your opponent in an intense poker match. Thus, censorship is an important element to maintain peace between both countries and thus national security.
In addition to that, censorship is needed especially in a multi-racial...

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