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Censorship Of Books In Schools Essay

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Censorship in schools is a major crisis. Books across the US are being pulled from shelves because of school boards wanting to censor them. People who want to censor books in the school systems would be taking away important practice in vital writing skills, as well as depriving students of the First Amendment rights to free thought and expression.
The most important question that people ask is concerning censorship is not whether it should be used, rather how it should be used (Nakaya 16). Because of this, the challenge most anywhere is to attempt to remove, or if possible restrict, books based on the objections of a person or group (American Library Association 1 of 2). Due to this most ...view middle of the document...

All parents should restrict just their kids reading, not others. In turn, Parents have the option to work with teacher and librarians to find alternate books they deem okay for their child (Banning books is never the answer 1 of 2). If they do look for alternate books then they have many options to work with. Though, books that schools are trying or have tried to bad are; Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Shakespeare’s “A Midsummers Night’s Dream” (Banning books is never the answer 1 of 2). Because these books have been banned for various reasons, many have fought to do something about it. In fact, some school districts in Texas have moved books to a restricted section that students need permission to get books from due to profanity (Profanity propels two books from Texas 1 of 1). In fact, school boards should vote against efforts to ban books in public schools (School Book Bans: Sense or Censorship? 3 of 4). This may stop some of the censorships and bans. But, if a school bans “Huckleberry Finn” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” or in some cases, Harry Potter it’s opening the door to widespread censorship (Banning books is never the answer 1-2 of 2). Some people will take the restrictions to court. In fact, Judy Blume, a frequently censored author, signed a friend-of-the-court brief to overturn a school boards restriction on Harry Potter (Federal court foils Arkansas school's effort to restrict Harry Potter 1 of 2). So many books in schools are challenged. In fact, the number of books that are challenged, usually initiated by parents, fluctuates from year to year (DiBlasio 1 of 2). Aside from the challenges, censorships come into play in the class room as well. After all, in some schools, parents can get their child excused if the classroom reading assignment involves an objectionable book (Banning books is never the answer 1 of 2). Sometimes after an objectionable book is used in an assignment parents will often talk to teachers and librarians. In fact, in schools teachers, and librarians as well as parents should take other ways of dealing with books they find objectionable into question (Banning books is never the answer 1 of 2). But even if they do this, some schools that remove books do not think that it is banning, they are just following selection policy (DiBlasio 1 of 2). Aside from this, school boards should do everything they can to prevent the unnecessary and harmful wave of censorship (School Book Bans: Sense or Censorship? 3 of 4). Even if the school boards to this, there are still problems. To put it another way, it is not within an individual’s power and authority as members of a defendant’s school board to prevent students in schools from reading any books (Federal court foils Arkansas school's effort to restrict Harry Potter 2 of 2). Although, a school in Miami wants to replace a book series with books that realistically represent Cuba and other countries, rather than have the children...

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