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Children today spend hours of their lives watching television shows that flaunt violence. Children watch shows that range from cartoons to the news in which almost all depict violence in some way. Today's youth are becoming more and more violent and destructive mainly because of the highly influential shows on television. These shows on television that display violence have serious long-term effects on children. Therefore, parents should not allow their children to watch shows that have such explicit violence.Television cartoons often engage in destructive acts of violence; therefore, parents should filter the shows that their children watch. Cartoons frequently feature shows such as Ninja Turtles that try to solve the world's problems by fighting our real life social problems. Children often imitate what they see on television. If a child only sees violence on television, then why would people expect the child to act anyway different from what is shown on TV. Violent cartoons send the message to children that the best solution to a problem is to fight the cause of it. This creates a whole body of young people who are incapable of talking through their problems; they know nothing except how to use their fist. It is not a problem to let children watch shows such as the Ninja Turtles as long as parents tell their kids that they should never resort to fighting to resolve a problem. Parents should tell their children that they should talk out their problems and try to make a rational decision about the situation.In addition, parents should educate their children on the harmful effects violence has on society. The television shows that children watch have a long-term effect on their lives. The entertainment media plays an extremely powerful role in the formation of values and morals to young people of all ages. Children become influenced at a very early age because they are very naive; they do not know any different. This is why parents, not television, should be setting good examples. Parental guidance...

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556 words - 2 pages “when my parents aren’t around, I tend to watch the higher rated ones”. He also told me that even though by the FCC’s regulations state he should only be watching programs with a rating of TVPG that he sometimes watched programs with a rating of TVMA. If the FCC can not regulate who watches certain television programs, why even bother? Also I do not believe that a handful of people are able to decide for the country what is considered ‘obscene’, ‘intense’ and ‘explicit’. I believe that the only mass censorship in television is that of whether the parents let their children watch such programs.