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Censorship Of The Internet For Children

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Censorship of the Internet for Children

The Internet is one of the most profound and important technological advancements of this era. It has touched the lives of hundreds of millions of people all over the world. The Internet has become so embedded into our everyday life that for many, life would almost be unbearable without an internet connection. The Internet has enabled so many people who are so far away from each other a means of communication. It eased the burden of contacting loved ones across the world from each other. Not only does the Internet provide a digital communication playground for users, it also provides them with a sea of invaluable resources. The wealth of information that is available on the Internet is both overwhelming and incredible. Almost everything imaginable to the human mind can be found on the Internet. Whether or not some of this information is legitimate, it still exists and is available to anyone who wants to access it. The Internet has empowered the individuals who are connected to it with an abundance of resources and information. The Internet has brought about a new means of doing business. It seems that all business models today include the Internet some how. On the surface, the Internet may seem great, wonderful and ingenious however, the ability for everyone to access the Internet is both a blessing and also a curse. It is beautiful that the Internet and its contents are available to everyone, but that “everyone” includes children who are under the age of 18. The implications of this type of access are extremely problematic both socially and ethically.

According to Internet World Stats, the estimated population of the world is about 6.45 billion people with approximately 326.6 million people in North America and 3.65 billion people in Asia.[1] Of the 6.45 billion people in the world, the latest data from Nielsen//NetRatings estimated that approximately 785.7 million people use the Internet, 12.2% of the world population.[2] The United States comprises 26.4% of those users, China 10.1%, Japan 8.2%, England 4.4%, and Germany comprises 5.7% of the world Internet users.[3] These numbers continue to climb every year. The United States has the greatest number of Internet users in the world and has an estimated 24 million children online. With this amount of underage users online, the Internet is a breeding ground for trouble. According to a Congressional study, one in every five children online is solicited for sex in the last year.[4] 20%, 5 million children are solicited for sex every year and 725,000 children are “aggressively” asked for sex, as in an offer to meet in person![5] 77% of the children who were solicited for sex were 14 years of age and older, while 22% of the children targeted were between the ages of 10 to 13.[6] These numbers are quite alarming considering these statistics are only for the United States. Countries like China, Japan, England and Germany who have a...

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