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Censorship On The Internet: A Boon Or A Curse?

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Internet censorship is controlling what a user could and could not see. Even though an individual merely searches for something as little as cats, Internet censorship still occurs. It is this unnecessary censorship that is killing young minds today. Internet censorship can be carried out in many ways. A government agency for instance can do it; or the worst of all, a private organization, looking at you AT&T. Even though business firms may think that they are stopping individuals from receiving “unsafe” information, they are in fact doing the opposite. By censoring something that started out as a distribution channel for “free-information,” the business firms and governmental organizations not only harm themselves, but the future generations too that rely abundantly on the Internet for information. Internet censorship is a curse and should have no place in such a high technology oriented world.
To begin with, net neutrality is a major thing that is needed. Everyone lives with and uses the Internet. It is like a child to his or her mother; the mother has to take care of the child. Recently, the FCC announced that it would push for the “ death of net neutrality” which would mean that all Internet traffic would be treated equally (Abbruzzese). Let’s pretend that our ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are freeways on which our data travels. With net neutrality, ISPs would not be able to open up new lanes for “fat users,” that is everyone would have the same speed limit (Abbruzzese). By doing this, not only will the information be not available at an instant, it would make the situation worse than it already is.
The picture on the right, explains this horrendous thing that the FCC is pushing for. The Internet would become similar to a neutered dog—incapable of reproducing itself.

Currently, Google, AT&T, Yahoo and other big communication companies give equal opportunity to every single individual out there—whether a company, or even a small ten-year old blogging kid. Each individual has the right to do what they want and the communication giants have enjoyed all these rights for a really long time (Nunziato). Once a big company like Amazon pays a hefty price to the ISP, there will be little to no incentive in providing equal speeds to local consumers and hinder their “freedom of speech” (Abbruzzese). All those “fast lanes” on the highway would come at such a high price that only a few out of a million would be able to afford them. A new startup would experience crawling speeds for their Internet access while a big firm like Netflix could stream its 8K videos with no hiccup whatsoever. It would be the death of information availability to millions. It’s not that people do not understand the idea behind net neutrality, they know everything and that’s the reason there aren’t any “flimsy petitions” (Aaron).
The picture on the right is the perfect example of the above mention Amazon example. A local community member who currently pays $29.99 for...

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