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Julia Magalhaes November 5, 2013Global 9 Period 10JournalMy Journal: Gupta EmpireJune 3, 450 C.E.: Today was my first day exploring the Gupta Empire, what a wonderful place. Today I was at the capital of the Gupta Empire, Pataliputra. Far to the north I could see the snow-covered tops of the world's tallest mountains, the Himalayas, what a beautiful place to be. Today was very hot and humid but at night it was breezy as I stand under the dark shy looking at the stars.Today I learned a lot about astronomy, I meet with a very smart man called Aryabhata, he know a lot about astronomy. He told me about how he calculated that the length of one year is 365.258 days, and he also told me a lot about planet and how they are spherical. He show me his studies and I saw how he was trying to estimate the earth's size and proposed that the turns on its own axis. The thing that impressed me the most it was how the discovered how lunar eclipses are caused. He told me that is caused by the earth moving between the sun and the moon and casing its shadow on the moon. I thought that was awesome.June 6, 450 C.E.:Today was another very interesting day; I learn very interesting things in the Gupta Empire today, I am having such a learning experience in this trip and I can't for the next days to come. I went to the northwest corner of the Gupta Empire, in Bakshali, near the shores of the Indus River. I was surrounded by three mountain ranges; it is so pretty over here. The land here in the foothills is rocky, everything around me is very dry and hot. My friend Aryabhata, that I meat the other day when he told me about his studies about astronomy, told me about mathematics today. He became such a good friend, and spending time with him expand my knowledge about knew things. He told me how the further developed geometry, algebra and trigonometry. However he wasn't one of the greatest mathematicians. He told me that Indian mathematicians had created the system of numbers from 1 to 9, as well as the concept of zero. Also they invented the idea of using decimals and fractions to represent portions of whole numbers. I had such a great day traveling and learning about mathematics today.June 7, 450 C.E.: Wow, today I had such an amazing experience, I went to Ujjain, a city in central India where many plays are performed. Today is very humid and warm, with cloudless, sunny sky. This land is very hilly and rocky, and to the south I can see the high mountains of the Vindhya range. The soil is very dry and brown.I'm learning so much about different topics, and today I learned about literature. Learning more about their literature I understand why people say the Gupta Empire is considered to be one of its greatest achievements. Today I meet one of the famous dramatists that told me about the literature, his name is Shudraka. He...

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