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Center For Lesbian And Gay Studies

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Founded in 1991, the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) provides intellectual leadership towards understanding and addressing the issues that affect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals and the members of other sexual and gender minorities. As the first
university-based LGBTQ research center in the United States, CLAGS nurtures cutting-edge scholarship; organizes colloquia for examining and affirming LGBTQ lives; and fosters network-building among academics, artists, activists, policy makers, and community members. CLAGS stands committed to maintaining a broad program of public events, online projects, and fellowships that promote reflection on queer pasts, presents, and futures.
CLAGS brings together activists, intellectuals, journalists, public figures, artists, educators, students, and community members to participate in an ongoing conversation that promotes social change, produces new knowledge, and supports the many LGBTQ communities. Located at the Graduate Center (GC) of the City University of New York (CUNY), CLAGS responds simultaneously to one of the most diverse student communities in the United States and to populations across the country and, increasingly, around the world. CLAGS is especially aware of how diverse our New York LGBTQ communities are and strives to develop programming and resources that are genuinely responsive to the needs of these constituents.
During the full year that I have interned at CLAGS, I have focused on lesbian feminism and how to fundraise for projects. I took a closer look at "In Amerika They Call Us Dykes: Lesbian Lives in the 1970s," a 2010 event. Going further back into the 1970s, it was a period of intense excitement, change, activism, and activity for lesbians. As lesbian feminism redefined what qualified as a "political issue" and challenged every assumption about gender, race, class, ability, sexuality, and any number other social categories, lesbians of all kinds created cultural, social, political, economic, and regional organizations and networks.
"Lesbians created businesses; lesbians made and marketed music; lesbians played on softball teams; lesbians engaged in struggles for racial, social, and economic justice; lesbians made films; lesbians created women' s land. Inspired by the massive social changes that were taking place, lesbians made new worlds for themselves and others ("
This semester, I looked up how CLAGS got involved in their event: "In Amerika They Call Us Dykes: Lesbian Lives in the 1970s." In recognition of the 1970s, the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies held a weekend-long event that included a conference and festival of lesbian history, culture, arts, scholarship, discussion, and performance from Friday, October 8 to Sunday, October 10, 2010, at the CUNY Graduate Center, with a closing event at the LGBT Community Services Center. The event called upon experience, memory, and scholarship to represent as fully as possible the...

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