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Center Of The Iowa State University Memorial Union

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Students should know this place when they are on campus life. This place was known as the soul to the ISU campus student body,” Memorial Union”. MU was Located in the front of the middle line. It was the biggest activity center and central building on campus now. Opened in September 1928, memorial union was a building that was used as a memorial to the sacrificed Iowa State soldiers. As a land granted school by the government, Iowa State University has had not entertaining center before 1920, because the university only has academic buildings and farm buildings. There is no place for both students and faculties to gather for cultural, entertainment or social events. So people start to ...view middle of the document...

Unlike other University, this hall makes ISU a different place from other University I have visited.
As a piece of art, stained glass is another thing that attracted people to this building. “Stained glass was added to Gold Star Hall in 1943. The twelve stained glass panels were designed by former ISU students and WWI veteran, Harold Cummings.” Representing Obedience, bottom panel, President Beardshear greeting a crowd, some of whom are arriving on "The Dinky". Loyalty, bottom panel, Perry Holden and his demonstration train, the beginning of Iowa State’s Extension Service. Faith, top medallion, American Revolutionary War soldiers at Valley Forge. Tolerance, middle circle, man and woman playing tennis, noting that Iowa State was a co-educational school from the very beginning. Virility, bottom panel, The Farm House, the first structure on the Iowa State campus, now a museum. Patriotism, top medallion, Nathan Hale, the Revolutionary War hero who said, "Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death". Determination, middle circle, student trying to study, despite distraction from others. Love, bottom panel, 1895 football game with Northwestern after which the team was known as the Cyclones These glasses are not only artifacts, it was the virtue that represents all ISU student and show them what is the most valuable virtue of being an ISU student. The glasses are right above the limestone for the sacrificed soldiers, when this combined together...

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