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Middle Of The World, Territory Of Complexity

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With current advancement involving technological, and biological warfare all over the earth, the world can seem to resemble a ticking time bomb waiting to be detonated. All it would take is one rogue nation to oppose a neighboring nation and provoke a terrible conflict, and other nations would have to intervene. The conflict over territory is present in Israel and Palestine. This ancient feud will apparently cause a world war if it is not solved, The Israeli Palestinian conflict can overflow onto the rest of the surrounding nations, right into our very backyard, and it already involves U.S. Government.
The Israel and Palestine conflict truly does affect us all whether we realize it now or later.
Many former U.S. leaders have been involved with the Middle Eastern Regions. Richard Nixon, although being involved in the Watergate scandal was a key role to the survival of a bogged down nation known as Israel in a war with Egypt and Syria. Being surrounded by enemies on all sides, Israel was in desperate need of supplies in order to survive, defend the land, and win the war. According to the mother of Richard Nixon, she foresaw that Nixon as a child would grow up and be a great help to the struggling Jewish nation. Another former president of the United States who is a firm supporter of a peaceful atmosphere in the Middle East is Jimmy Carter”. Jimmy Carter is a respected and distinguished man who served as the authority of this great nation said, “There are growing schisms in the Middle East region, with hardening Arab animosity toward the Israeli-United States alliance” (12).
The young yet originally old nation of Israel is an ally of the United States. A very small but strong nation is how Israel can be described. The land is also an oasis of the desert. Israel is known for exportation of large quantities of produce, flowers, and has been the focus from surrounding Arab nations.
The Israelis are known to protect there neighborhoods from incoming rocket propelled grenades. Israel does certainly have the right to defend itself from the heavy opposition. It is a volatile situation when any nation can cause violence for having different beliefs. Nonetheless the definition of one’s rights varies from different countries. Israel is outnumbered, yet still manages to survive, although, the threat is not gone. Many nations surrounding the Jewish State condemn the close relationship between the United States and Israel because the United States has contributed to the preservation of the Jewish nation. The Arab resistance yearns to take total dominion over the west bank of Israel.
Although Israel is a small nation by itself, people opposing Israel say that the Israelis are nothing short of military bullies. Israel is known for their military might and success in preserving there nation. Their defense program is state of the art and far above other surrounding nations. Yet the potential of rogue nations containing nuclear capabilities are...

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