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Background Information

The CENTEX since its creation in 2005 under of the National Council of Culture and Arts, it raises how a space for promotion of the artistic production of Chile and development of new audiences for the arts. It is located in Valparaiso, main port of Chile that is characterized by its geography, which makes it a natural amphitheater-like setting. It is also important to mention that in 2003 Valparaiso was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage site.

The National Council of Culture and Arts (CNCA) is a government agency for cultural affairs created in 2003, whose mission is to support the development of arts and culture. Its main task include to protection, preservation and conservation of cultural heritage, as well as the promotion and funding of artistic production through public funds and grants to collective and individual initiatives.

It is in this context that Centex, located in the first floor of the institutional building of CNCA, is presented as a bid to boost the cultural and artistic life of the city. Its mission is to promulgate and promote diverse artistic disciplines developed in the country, and simultaneously to bring forth and strengthen instances of encounter and dialogue with the surrounding community.


The management and organization of Centex revolves around three major divisions. On the one hand, the Production division is responsible for the administration and conduction of the related to the internal functioning of Centex. On the other hand, the external divisions are in charge of the programming of Centex from two fronts in order to development of audiences. One of them through art education -Mediation & Audience-, and the other one through engage to community-based organizations - Associativity & Community-.

The Mediation & Audience division organizes the exhibition thematic cycles based on projects that have been supported by a competitive funding from the National Council of Culture and Arts. Each thematic cycle has an approximately duration of 3 months, which framing the entire programming of Centex. In addition, the Mediation & Audience division is responsible for the development of art educational programs, teaching materials, the organization of seminars and training for teachers, in the context of each thematic cycle.

The Associativity & Community divisions is responsible for maintaining and strengthening ties with the community-based organizations in Valparaiso, in order to include their proposals and projects within the general programming of CENTEX.

These two souls of Centex, combined in the same institutional space, are interesting to evaluate their apparent contradiction, because the status of CNCA, which is a government agency, but at the same time it is challenged to become a community-based organization in order to enforce Centex´s mission has been raised, making it a cultural landmark in the city of Valparaiso, as a result of its artistic production and its relationship...

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