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Of Mice and Men Study GuideAuthor BiographyJohn Steinbeck (1902-1968) was born in Salinas, California. He came from a middle class family. His father was the county treasurer, and his mother was a former schoolteacher. She inspired and encouraged his love of books and reading.He attended Stanford University, but he did not graduate. In his twenties, he traveled to New York City with the dream of supporting himself as a freelance writer. When his efforts failed, he went home to California. He then began to work seriously on novels and short stories.When Steinbeck was a young adult, he spent his summer vacations working as a hired hand on local ranches. His interactions with the people he met during those summers greatly influenced the characters he created throughout his career. In an interview following the publication of Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck revealed that all the characters in the novel are composites based on real people.Steinbeck said in his essay "Advice For Beginning Writers" (1963) that he still felt afraid every time he began writing a story, even though he had a long successful writing career behind him. He went on to say that a writer who does not experience this fear may not have an appropriate respect for the art of writing.Book SummaryBackgroundOf Mice and Men was published in 1937, after John Steinbeck had achieved literary acclaim with his novel Tortilla Flat but before he wrote his better known works The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden. The story epitomizes the themes and ideas that Steinbeck propounded throughout his novels: the plight of the laborers, the perils of isolation, and the hope for a better future. Set in California during the Great Depression, Of Mice and Men is an excellent vehicle to learn about the life and times of migrant works in the 1930s. With its beautiful descriptive passages, easily accessible dialogue, and fast-paced timeline, it is very easy to follow along. Readers are drawn in by the memorable characters, that, ironically, represent a segment of society that was largely ignored in its day. Analyzing the balance of power, the importance of friendship, and the role of dreams in our lives allows readers to gain a deeper understanding of the text while applying valuable lessons to their own lives.Novel SettingOf Mice and Men is set in the Salinas Valley of Southern California in the late 1930's, the era of the Great Depression. Like many writers of the Modern Period (1915-1945), John Steinbeck attempts to make sense of the early decades of the 20th century; he sees the humanity in a class of people who are often ignored by writers and by society at large. These issues are further developed in Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath.Character ListBelow is a list of the major characters from Of Mice and Men.Lennie Small: a nondescript, hulking creature of a man whose childlike mentality continually gets him into scrapes with men who neither respect nor understand him.George Milton: a small, lean man, used to...

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1241 words - 5 pages best-known national parks and the treasure of the United States.First, Yosemite National Park attracts visitors for its convenience. The park is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central California. With the area about 1,200 square miles, the park welcomes about four million tourists coming from around the world every year. While most of visitors choose to drive there through the various convenient highways and freeways, the others who live


1360 words - 6 pages physical and mental health of” people who occupy the space. In service, the designs should “service a ‘purpose of direct utility,’ that is, [a landscape that] will meet fundamental, social, and psychological needs” (Beveridge) Central Park: Central Park was Olmsted’s first major project. He and Calvert Vaux entered a design competition with a plan for the park called the Greensward Plan, which did win. There are walking trails throughout as well

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1734 words - 7 pages Services, Page 2). Yosemite became a national park on October 1, 1890. Automobiles were not permitted into the park until the year 1913. By the year 1954, visitation surpassed one million people and by 1976, over two billion people had visited the park. In the mid-1990's, visitation peaked over four billion people (National Park Services, Page 2). Yosemite National Park covers a huge area of the western Sierra Nevada Mountains in central California

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1011 words - 5 pages of the city, in the main civil lines area. The Kanpur Airport is located at about 12 km and the Kanpur Central Railway station is at a distance of about 14 km from the stadium. There is ample local transport in the form of auto and cab for the park. Entry: Since the park is a very preserved monument and has relevance to India’s struggle for independence, no fees is taken for entry. The park is maintained by Kanpur Mahanagar Palika. Timings: The

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3072 words - 12 pages neighbourhoods and could be used by everyone in the city. He used these ideas when he refashioned the Tiergarten as a Völksgarten and incorporated it in to the plan of Berlin. His ideas and plans of Berlin and Potsdam would create the seed for the public park-system that would resurface again in the work of Fredrick Law Olmstead in the design of Boston’s public parks. Olmstead’s influence in the creation of Central Park and Lenné’s representation of a

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610 words - 3 pages GENERAL PARKS AND RECREATION DISTRICTS The use of special districts to administer parks and recreation services originates from a successful experiment by New York City in XXXX. The city created a commission to depoliticize the provision of parks and recreation services, which led to the development of Central Park. Following this model of success, a number of states now have some form of park district that span a range of services, including