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Central Processing Unit Essay

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The CPU is the brain of everyday electronics. The microprocessor is a CPU that is small enough to fit in iPods and is the one used today, unlike the past when the CPU was large, almost bigger than a fridge! They weren’t as small as the ones today with very the small parts in the technology humans use today. The CPU has come a long way in its history with its components and types.
The microprocessor all started with the Intel 4004 in 1971. The CPU (Central Processing Unit, also known as the microprocessor) is a very complex part of computers that has many complicated parts, a compound evolution, and different architectures for every deveice (Davis).
Arithmetic unit, logic unit, and registers make up the complicated CPU (Garza). The arithmetic unit is the digital circuit that performs integer arithmetic (things to do with numbers and math) and logical operations (Wikipedia contributors Flip). Now lastly, the registers. These are simple parts in the CPU that help hold data to process. Otherwise the CPU wouldn't work as it needs somewhere to place it’s instructions (What is CPU?).
CPU box labeling is key to giving customers the information they need for their next CPU. For instance, the clock rate the CPU processes at. This is the maximum speed the CPU can process instructions. This is measured in hertz, or more or less, gigahertz. Gigahertz are the equivalent of one billion hertz. A hertz is one second. So if the average clock rate in a CPU is 1.5 GHz the CPU would process one billion five hundred million instructions per second. Now all these instructions are processed one by one, individually. In other words, the CPU has to process an instruction to get to the next (Wikipedia contributors Central).
Another piece of information you can find on CPU packaging is the amount of cores. These cores are the amount of processors in the CPU. That means that if there are two cores, the CPU can process two instructions at the same time. So some of the most powerful gaming computers have around eight cores. These help process the games faster preventing lower frame rate and lag, but in other words, keeping the computer from freezing. (Wikipedia Contributors).
The CPU can’t store all the data it needs to process. It only holds what it’s about to process. During gaming, the computer is going to need to store a lot of data it needs to process. RAM, Random Access Memory, is used for storage. RAM is where all the data the computer needs to process is kept. The more RAM you have the faster you computer will be. This is because the RAM will have more space to hold everything your computer needs to process. But, if you were to have little RAM the computer would have to wait for the RAM to have more space. This causes the computer to run slowly. So the more RAM, the more space the computer gets to store data for the CPU. RAM is a key component of the computer for the CPU (Bradford).
The main CPU manufactures are Intel® and AMD Inc. These...

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