Centripetal And Centrifugal To Find Out In Which Direction An Object Flies Off, If It Is Spun And Then Released And To Investigate How The Radius Affects The Speed Of Ta Spinning Object.

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PhysicsCentripetal and CentrifugalPurpose:A) To find out in which direction an object flies off, if it is spun and then released.B) to investigate how the radius affects the speed of ta spinning object.Background info:Centripetal: force pulling/pushing an object away from the center.Centrifugal: force pulling/pushing an object towards the center.Inertia: matter continues in its state of motion.Distance: the length between two points.Radius: half the distance of a circle.Materials: String, object and your handHypothesis: A) I think it will go forward because the objects inertia takes over the centrifugal and centripetal forces after the string is released. Inertia continues in a line of motion.B) I think if the radius is shorter, then the speed will be faster and when the radius is longer, then the speed will be slower. I think this because the closer to the center, the less distance or circumference the object has to cover.Procedure A:1) Get an object.2) Tie one end of the string to the object.3) Take the end of the string that doesn't have anything attached to it.4) Start moving your hand in a circular motion and make the object spin.5) Keep the object spinning at a constant force or speed.6) Let go of the string and observe what happens.Procedure B:1) Do steps 1 - 5 in procedure A.2) As the object comes around, place your finger half way of the radius.3) Let the object spin around your finger.4) Observe if the speed, after you put your finger, is the same, faster or slower than the speed when you were just spinning the object without you r. (no finger)5) Record the Data.Data/ AnalysisThe...

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"In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world" Discuss and evaluate this claim.

572 words - 2 pages Men perceive the world around them through the means of emotion, reason, language and perception. It is through these means that men learn, perfect and extend their areas of knowing. But the world in which one has lived, the culture and the society where one grew up create filters through which he will perceive the world. These social filters are coloring his personal ways of knowing: they will give a particular flavour to the way he interprets

IB Theory of Knowledge Essay: 7. "In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world." Discuss and evaluate this claim.

1577 words - 6 pages these truths came to be. For example--if the person formulating the truth is biased, it is very likely that the truth found is to some extent false. Emotional biases typically cause a person to abandon other ways of knowing that may falsify the finding. Biases in a sense screen out part of the reality by discouraging the use of your other ways of knowing, like reasoning and perceiving. By not using these other ways of knowing, one does not

In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters which one perceives the world.

1240 words - 5 pages have shown that there is a likelihood of our sense organs being the equipment that we use to perceive the world, it is quite obvious that our sense organs are filters, because even the most reliable equipment can fail. A person suffering from myopia might perceive what is actually the letter "Q" to be the letter "O". However, how do we find out, which is correct in the first place? Could it be that a person with a higher degree of myopia is

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To find out the optimum pH at which the enzyme catalase would best break down hydrogen peroxide.

2844 words - 11 pages GCSE SCIENCE COURSEWORK (BIOLOGY)PLANNING: Skill Area PWrite down the aim of your Investigation.The aim of investigation is that to find out the optimum pH at which the enzyme catalase would best break down hydrogen peroxide.Briefly describe your Preliminary Experiment and include your results. Explain how these results have helped you plan your main experiment (p8b).The purpose of the preliminary experiment was to find out the best source of

In the Renaissance, choice of genre depended, in large part, upon the desire to find a form in which to 'speak out' about political realities that could not be addressed directly. Discuss.

2396 words - 10 pages In his book Humanism, Tony Davies examines the essence of the Renaissance, and concludes that the period was ultimately a way to "speak out" against the trials of society and the realities of the political court. The literary era had a "central preoccupation with eloquence", which Davies defines as 'speaking out' or 'public speaking.' Thus it follows that with the arrival of the Renaissance, writers began analysing not only themselves and their

"The Lord of the Flies" social gatherings--Choose a book in which social gatherings are prominent. Then write an essay in which social gatherings play a specific role in development of the theme.

939 words - 4 pages "If human nature is good, then why do 'good people' do bad things?" It is a question that has plagued philosophers for centuries. In his novel, Lord of the Flies, William Golding explores this tendency within human nature and thus comments on the value system that society seems to promote. It takes place after the breakout of a '3rd world war' on an island in which British children are stranded alone. His subtle development of the

Sketching and Prototyping: The Centrifugal and the Centripetal Power

2904 words - 12 pages finding the users needs by creating personas, scenarios and storyboards. Overall, to create a successful and innovative system is necessary to develop different solutions, and then select one of the ideas. In the following section I describe sketching as a method to support the creation of multiple ideas, and prototyping as a method to refine the final idea. Sketching - the centrifugal power It has been said that the best way of having an

Describe an object that is important to you and explain why

623 words - 2 pages find enough food to maybe stay out in the mountains for the rest of the summer. Despite its ample volume, my pack is never hiding an extra month's worth of supplies. If we are lucky we may see a river trip before the summer dies. My pack will ride in a dry bag, and I, in an inflatable kayak.        My backpack is becoming worn, and faded. The pack would not complain if it could; the activity it pursues is well worth

Examine the arguments of those who object to the Porter's monologue in Macbeth and to the succeeding dialogue between and Macduff.

1330 words - 5 pages trumpets. The gate collapses and the saviour-avenger, along with Michael, who had a flaming sword in hand entered and released the souls held prisoner within. It is in circumstances not unlike this that Macduffknocks at the gate Macbeth's castle and that Malcolm and Donalbain escapes from it in the course of Act II;Scenes II & III. If we turn our eyes from the mythological background of the drama to that of the character, we'll find thecharacter

"Life Story", which is an essay about the race to find the structure and function of the DNA macromolecule.

2428 words - 10 pages secret of life and the process of searching for the answer. In 1951, in a conference in Naples, Watson grew increasingly interested in working to find this answer, which led to him London, where Wilkins, another scientist, was working on x-ray crystallography. It was in this city that the story of life began, with many scientists conducting research and sometimes cooperating and sometimes not. Despite the final outcome, not everything was positive

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