Certainly One The Best Nation Of The World

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To begin with, this country is one of the best of the world, the best of its nature, is one the most prosperous countries in the world. In US there freedom of speech which a lot of people and immigrants appreciate how well designed this system is. People keep come to this nation to have better life, certainly not happening in other nation that they were before. A lot of don’t have this system called freedom of speech if you get caught telling ideas about the government could get you arrested. Socialism known as, because they have a way of thinking called “Communism”, because of that the President can take on your life, and many of the people sadly disagree and they have to leave their nation and their families behind, are not trapped or in jail because they said something about their government, so they come to this nation for an Improved life for an opportunity of a well-paid job, for a better education, for a brand new opportunity to live the freedom of America.
In the other side on hand, people in the nation are obligated to leave their nation because can’t articulate in their nation knowing that they could get arrested and also including the lack of food, the lack education and the mediocrity of people threating against your life, and they forced to leave the nation regardless what the consequences are.
Thesis Statement: The United States of America is the most prosperous nation in the world because of the freedom of speech that it affords its citizens, because of its freedom of religion, and its influx of successful immigrants that make this nation even better.

In the aspect of religion you can be as religious as you want maybe from other country and the people want to bring their religion and that will be allowed here because we have that right of practice a decided religion. Our American and Immigrant society are allowed to practice the religion that they want without any problem and in the legal way.

The reason why people immigrate to the United States of America is in search of a brand new life, completing “School” education, new job, and new life. Free...

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