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In the words of Ole Kirk Christiansen , the founder of LEGO, "only the best is enough." And since then LEGO company have kept their promise by making sure they deliver toys of the best quality. The company has a tolerance of 2/1000 mm for its products. It is ensured that all employees are aware, through the EHS website, of the use of ISO 14001 as the company's policy. Annually, consumers, customers and stakeholders are given EHS performance reports using ISO 14001. The company has utilized ISO 9001 ( quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 8124 ( safety of toys) for ongoing improvement and maintenance of safety. All LEGO websites globally are certified with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. In addition, they help with the managements of the environment, health and safety. ISO 14001 is used to ensure all necessary policies are satisfied and improvements on necessary issues including the environment for the employees and decreasing waste management and maintains the reliability and reputation of the company. The ISO 8124, also known as the safety of toys, safety requirements are adapted by the LEGO company despite of the area of the manufacture of the toys. They are crucial because they are the basis for all national toy safety requirements. The ISO/TC 181, the ISO technical committee, are a committee the LEGO company are close to and involved with the improvement of the safety standards of toys. This is of great benefit to the LEGO company. The ISO 8124 is like a guide for anyone involved in the manufacture or development of the product. Furthermore the company is continually testing the standards for the utmost safety for their customers. The company has implemented the ISO 9001 for excellence in their quality management system. ISO 9001 is a standard known to quality management staff in countries of new production sites for the company. Consequently the company will be able to focus on more internal and essential issues. These standards are valued for the company since it helps keep it's promise for the best quality of toys and the exact number of pieces in each box. The quality department team uses the consumer feedback for constant improvement of the products. The company has added extra requirements for the standards of their products using their knowledge of the product. As for international standards, it is a way for communication between the company and the new country, something the authorities and consumers value and trust.If they wish to still earn the trust of the parents and supply youngsters with top quality toy product that are safe, fun and meaningful; the company has a tendency to should still push the boundaries once it involves product safety and materials.Product safety begins with the materials used for the merchandise itself. The company has a tendency to work with their raw material suppliers and perpetually adopt the foremost advanced measures to manage the chemistry that goes into creating LEGO...

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