Cervical Spinal Stenosis Essay

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Cervical Spinal Stenosis is a rare disorder that can ruin the life of young adults and many adults over 50. It is an unknown disorder that at any point and time a certain twist or pinch could put someone in a hospital, wheelchair, or even worse six-foot underground. The benefits of professional careers and everyday life hang in the balance waiting for the time bomb to go off and put an abrupt end to a regular life. It all has to do with the way the body moves, they way the vertebra can twist and curl and on the amount of pressure the spine can take before it gives in. But, how would somebody carry on? How could they bounce back into action?
Many people do not know the general information about cervical spinal stenosis. Cervical spinal stenosis is characterized as the general narrowing of the spinal column in the upper portion of the spine. The spine, which runs down the back, consists of many rounded block bones. Those individual bones that are found running down the spine are vertebra. The top 7 vertebras are known as the cervical section of the spine. Within a person’s spine is a spinal cord. This spinal cord starts underneath the brain and follows down the spinal column to the lower back. Being made up of millions of nerves the spinal cord is the vital ability to move and feel the tangibles of the body.
Cervical spinal stenosis can happen to anybody of any age. When dealing with people over the age of 50, the prime cause is usually when the discs in their spine bulge out farther than they are supposed to. When they bulge out they cause the tissues around the spine to stretch, which eventually leads to the inner spinal cord being pinched between the bulging discs. As the age decreases the violence that is involved with this disorder increases. The number one cause of people getting this disorder in their neck is through violent car crashes. Many people have heard of people getting whiplash when in a really serious car accident, but the way it actually pinches the spinal cord is through the way the neck will get jammed when coming in contact with either the front glass or air bag. The pressure exerted on the neck will cause the vertebra to try and move in different directions to release some of the pressure when it does the vertebra will pinch the spinal cord either causing major pain and discomfort, loss of feeling in either side of the body, or even paralyzation. Some kids and younger adults that play football and other hard contact sports are also susceptible to being diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis. In almost the same way as they do in car accidents the two players will be running at each other at full speed, one on offense trying to run off the defensive player who is trying to tackle the other play. When the two players collide with either of their heads down or by leading with the crown of their helmet they both will enter the chance of having a stinger. The pressure that is exerted on the one player’s neck will be too much for...

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