Cesar Chavez: The Hardships And Accomplishments In The Fields

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Cesar Chavez: The hardships and accomplishments in the fields Throughout Cesar Chavezes life he witnessed the discrimination of his people in the area of farm work, which lead to Chavezes forming of labor unions, nonviolent protests, and in turn was looked upon as being a hero by the Mexican American people. Cesar Chavez struggled throughout his life to achieve equality amongst farm workers. With much respect held for this great hero, Santa Barbara named a street in honor of him. In addition, the assembly is trying to make Chavezes birthday a state holiday.This paper will discuss the early life of Chavez, living conditions during 1930's depression, People that influenced Chavezes life, Chavezes educational background, C.S.O, NFWA, and his protests with the United Farm Workers.Cesar Estrada Chavez was born March 31, 1927 in Yuma , Arizona. Chavez was born during the 1930's. During the 30's the U.S. economy collapsed and millions of people were out of work. This period during American history was called the great depression. It was especially hard during these times for Mexican American's because they were unable to find work and it was easy to discriminate against them, " When the Chavezes arrived in California, they discovered that 300,000 poor and hungry people had already come to find work, too. Frequently ,the contractors decided who would work and who would not. Some workers had to buy their job with a bribe. There were many dishonest contractors getting rich at the expense of the migrant laborers.Sometimes they even charged the workers for water they drank While harvesting in the hot sun." (Cedeno P.10) There were other factors that contributed to the lack of work for migrant Mexican American people. Many Farmers lost their land during these times because they could not afford to pay taxes or to grow crops. Other farmers' lands were no longer fertile because of a severe drought in the southwest. As a young child Cesar Chavez witnessed inequalities for farm workers and the discrimination of his people. This greatly influenced him at a young age, and he knew someday that he would be able to help his people.Cesar became influenced by many people, which helped him with his future practices. These future practices were protesting and working towards equality for farm workers. His mother, Juana , would recite words of wisdom to him at a young age. A typical one was, "It's best to turn the other cheek." Another was " It takes two to fight, and one can't do it alone"( Ferris & Sandoval P.154). These "dichos" would later influence Chavez to protest and take actions nonviolently. Cesar grew up in Arizona and learned justice from his father at a young age. Cesar's father agreed to clear eighty acres of land and in exchange he would earn forty acres of extra land for his home. Then suddenly the agreement was broken. Then Mr. Chavez went to a lawyer who advised him to borrow money and buy the land back. Mr. Chavez bought the land back, but was forced...

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