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Cessation Of Life: Who Are We To Choose? A Look Into The Death Penalty

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The topic of capital punishment is a hot one. Human beings are capable of doing some monstrous things. For a victim of a heinous crime, sometimes the only justice seems to be an eye for an eye. And most of the time those victims look to our court systems to provide that justice. But is death the answer? I believe that with human fallibility and the fallibility of our court system as variables, that a sentence that cannot be overturned should not be passed down in any case, especially when that sentence is as irreversible as death. In an editorial from USA Today found on, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is quoted as saying, “If statistics are any indication, the ...view middle of the document...

It is a punishment that is shaped by the constraints of poverty, race, geography and local politics. It is a punishment that has become notorious for its unreliability and unfairness,” (Bedau and Cassell p.78). Both O’Connor and Bedau/Cassel agree that the system is flawed, if not corrupt, and using this system we cannot be sure that innocent people are not being executed. Isn’t just one life of just one person too much to lose? Wouldn’t life in prison without the possibility of parole be punishment enough?
But we humans however, as a race, are starting to see the light. As time goes on, capital punishment should go the way of public hanging and crucifixion. William Bole writes in an article called, “A Slow Death-Capital Punishment Hangs On,” that many countries including France, Mexico and Rwanda have already abolished the death penalty. He also tells us that many states within the Union have fallen suit to these countries and abolished capital punishment within their own borders. Moral issues are not the main driving force as you would think, but instead the money is what is speaking the loudest. Bole states that a case that results in the death penalty costs roughly $3 million. Clark also states that fewer death penalty cases are being brought by prosecutors because of the increased cost. No matter what is motivating the decline in the number of death sentences, the decline itself is a good thing.
Many states are taking a fresh look at their own laws concerning capital punishment. Researchers recently discovered that Virginia’s laws were inadequate to prevent an innocent person from being executed (Clark). Virginia has sense reformed their laws allowing more...

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